Wednesday 25 February 2009

WORLD PREMIERE of CtCw: KUCI Radio Interviews Karl L Le Marcs


With Tony's valuable support I'm delighted to announce that I am finally about to begin unleashing CtCw (Collapsing the Consciousness wave) onto the unsuspecting public. Of course, those of us who are in the know and have frequented this fabulous place (and FORUM) for sometime now are well aware of CtCw and its implications within ITLAD, and in expanding the theory, so it has been wonderful that Robert Larson at KUCI in California, who has been such an advocate of Tony's theories, has taken an interest in our expansions and has asked me to be his guest next week to discuss CtCw, its implications within Consciousness, its links to ITLAD/CTF and ultimately towards Tony and I's BIGTOE (Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory Of Everything).

I will be interviewed by Robert live on his Out The Rabbit Hole programme on KUCI which can be found at the link below. They have a LISTEN NOW facility at the top right of their webpage for anyone who can listen live but I will also attempt to record it and make available for download here as well after the show.

The show will be broadcast on Thursday 5th March Evening (US Time) and the small hours of Friday 6th March Morning (UK Time)
(I always knew my legendary insomnia would have its uses)

The times will be 17:00 (California) and 01:00 (UK), I will be interviewed for about an hour.

This is the beginning of a culmination of work that has involved a lot of people from BLOG and FORUM who have helped me, inspired me and stimulated me to formulate these theories and I thank everyone who has done so.

I hope you can listen in.

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

FORUM: WORLD PREMIERE of CtCw: KUCI Radio Interview [by Karl L Le Marcs]

SM Kovalinsky said...

What an amazing opportunity, hearty congratulations to you, and as I said in my extensive forum comments, California is a major , absolutely HUGE player with ideas here in the U.S. This is wonderful, and hope you and Tony see my forum remarks, which are more extensive regarding NYC possibilities. You have no idea how Americans love the Brit accents. yikes.........

Anthony Peake said...


I am really pleased for you. I agree with Susan-Marie that California is exactly the place that will appreciate the implications of CtCw.

Robert is an excellent interviewer and he very quickly picks up on ideas. Of course after three interviews with me he (and hopefully his listeners) will be prepared for the "next step"!

Karl Le Marcs said...

EVERYONE: Thank you for all your positive comments both here and on FORUM.

It is all very much appreciated.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Please find below a link to an mp3 of the interview from last evening/early hours of this morning.

A big THANK YOU to Robert Larson from KUCI for doing this, and also for a thoroughly stimulating hours chat.

All the comments on FORUM and on email have been fantastic, so thank you to everyone who has been involved.


KUCI: Robert Larson interviews Karl L Le Marcs on CtCw (mp3)