Tuesday 2 June 2009

Paranormal Magazine - Issue 37

I am delighted to announce that the much awaited Paranormal Magazine containing my article and an interview with me has been published. This will be found at most UK newsagents and some bookshops (including Borders). In my opinion Richard and his team have done an excellent job. The use of images is particularly striking.The magazines website is:

For those of you outside the UK there is a downloadable version of the magazine that can be purchased on-line. Details can be found at:

In his review of the article and interview Richard writes:

'Anthony Peake's "Cheating The Ferryman" theory (is) one of the most exciting and far-reaching theories regarding the supernatural to have emerged in decades".

This follows on from the Fortean Times review of "The Daemon" where founder of the FT, Bob Rickard wrote the following:

' (The Daemon) is not a self-help book, at least not in the the usual meaning of that term. It is something far more exciting; an intelligent and imaginative synthesis, a tentative step towards understanding what happens to us at the moment of death. In doing so, Peake seems to be shining a light on our equally mysterious inner life'.

What can I say!!


CD...M said...

Tony: Congratulations. I look forward to our local store, McNews, getting a copy in. I've made a few comments over on the Forum site.

All the best


Karl Le Marcs said...

I purchased my copy yesterday and enjoyed reading the interview, plus a very well written article from Tony.

As usual, for those of you who cannot get hold of the Magazine for reasons of Geography and/or extreme parsimony, I have scanned the pages and if you email me I will happily send you a copy.

Again, well done Tony, one of the best magazine pieces on you and the theories out there.

just_another_dick said...

On the strength of the rave review you received in Fortean Times, I've ordered your latest book.

Looking around here I've little doubt that I'll find it interesting.

Your synchronicity posts were especially interesting to me. Robert Anton Wilson would probably say that you're deeply in Chapel Perilous. He would also probably caution you to take what you see there with a few dozen grains of salt.

Anthony Peake said...

Ahh, Robert Anton Wilson. Now that is a person I would have loved to have met. Clearly there are many elements of PKD in my work but Robert would have really understood what I am trying to get across.

I hope you enjoy the book.

Karl & Cam,

Thanks for your kind words!!!