Thursday 25 June 2009

Theory now discussed in the Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook

I was in Borders Bookshop this lunchtime and something suggested that I look round the magazines. I was on my way out of the shop and I had absolutely no reason to go over to this section, but I found myself walking towards the rows and rows of magazines. I was quite frustrated because in Speke they have moved all the sections and I had no idea what I was looking for. However as my eyes scanned the rows of magazines they alighted on a new booklet entitled The Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook. I just had this feeling (Daemonic?) that this was of importance. I casually picked it up and noticed that it had a chapter on "Life After Death". I turned to this section simply to see what I could learn from this. I noted that this section was written by Bob Rickard, the "Founding Editor" of FT and the guy who reviewed Daemon in the April edition.

I scanned through it and towards the end Bob was discussing the suggestion by physicist Ron Pearson that consciousness itself is a sub-quantum phenomenon. I then glanced at the final paragraph of the article, the summing-up section and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Bob had writtten the following:

Many of these exciting new notions are summarised by Anthony Peake, to which he has annexed an extraordinary and equally promising discussion of the evidence for each of us having a dual consciousness; one he calls the Eidolon, which experiences life for the 'first' time and which locates itself in physical space; and the other he calls the Daemon, which has lived through the 'life' experience many times and which locates itself in quantum 'non-locality'. The analogy here is of a hologram, an image in which each part contains the whole. Further Peake attempts to account for much of the phenomena experienced during NDE's as imperfect recollections of encounters between the two types of consciousness. If he is correct in suggesting that the Daemon is as much rooted in the quantum world as the Eidolon is in the physical world, we may indeed be on the way to an explanation of both the nature of consciousness and its independence from the physical body - Indeed, to a new theory of death and how it may be survived!


I am so excited about this because this is not the FT magazine which is only in the bookshops for a month .... this £7.99 "Magbook" will be in all the major newsagents - including ones at airports - for the whole Summer and maybe even longer. This could be the big breakthrough.........

Thanks Bob!

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SM Kovalinsky said...

Wow and Bravo to Mr. Peake. This will go out in July's press releases to New York media. Wonderful.