Wednesday 1 October 2008

The Daemon is Launched!

Last week, amidst great celebration (and a get together in the Three Stags afterwards), Tony's long awaited book "The Daemon" was launched. I managed to capture the event in photos, including the elusive Dark Philosopher.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Di, thank you (I think) *giggles*

Yes, a FABO evening was had by all (even those latecomers)
*waves at Di and Ed*

Apologies for my purple lips, which were not (on this occasion) owing to a Gothic predilection for garish lipstick but was owing to a rather scrumptious Merlot that I had been imbibing (well done for keeping the wine bottle out of shot, Di)

It was great to see Tony and Penny, Di, Ed (and Mark), JoJo (Johar), Alan Roberts, Dave (Anubis 65/Baphomet), Kath (Mrs Dave), Hephzi (from ISHVAL), Dennis (from SMN) and Dr Reg, plus a certain Darkish One all together talking the toot and eating canapes of dubious texture! There were also around a further 20 non-ITLADians, which was great to see, and I hope some of them will contribute to our ramblings soon.

We also felt the essense of Robin (whose signed copy of The Daemon I arranged and posted off the morning after the launch, with the help of the lovely Jill (Jewel) from Linghams)
*waves at Robin*

And the later inclusion of our dear Aloha Gary, confusing me greatly with his rather sober attire (Gary is seldom a) Sober and b) attired in a fashion other than marvellous) adding his invaluable knowledge of 80s Pop Bands to the quiz night in the pub!


SM Kovalinsky said...

Di: Thank you for posting these wonderful photos.
TONY: Congratulations, heartily, on the launching of your second book. Your work evolves, enriches, and informs; not only in the areas of afterlife/NDE studies, but in the important consciousness and philosophical discourses. I look forward to sharing The Daemon with many others, and to ensuing discussion. Again, best congratulations and I am honored to be able to at long last meet with you in October.

Robin said...

Tony: Congratulations! I'm looking forward to having my copy soon... Thank you everyone for signing!

Woodsprite: Once again you did a marvelous job as IAIP's photographer! You have a knack for capturing Tony's animations. It looks like he was having fun with the crowd. And the fact that you were able to take & POST this amazing snapshot of Karl blows me away! Well done Di! You deserve the IAIP version of a Pulitzer.

CD...M said...

Tony: Congratulations on the launch or your new book, "The Daemon".

I'm just now working my way through "Is There Life After Death: The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die", "ITLAD" for short.

It is an interesting read, a bit challenging as I grapple with topics from Quantum Physics and the like, but a fascinating introduction to your Eidolon / Daemon dyad, the "we" then, suggested to make up the one whole that we each may be.

In one year's time, birthday wishes will be in order respecting the birth of "The Daemon", or at least respecting the anniversary of it's launch.

Wishes of "Many Happy Returns" will be in order then, and not just returning birthdays or anniversaries, it seems, given your theories.

I look forward to completing your first book, "ITLAD", and moving on to reading this new book, "The Daemon", which hopefully will be on book shelves in Canada, by then.

All the best to you and the ITLADian crew from this Blog and your Forum at:

CD...M said...

Di: Great photos, by the way !

Robin said...

It's here! Tony, your book arrived in perfect condition. Not one crease on the spine, not one corner bent! Thanks to the efficient Royal Mail, the package only took 6 days to travel over 4,000 miles.

Karl: I appreciate your offer to pick up the book, have it signed and post it to me! You're an incredibly caring individual!

Tony, Karl, Di, Jo and Ed; It's an honor that you all autographed my copy of The Daemon. I'll cherish it always!

Hurlyburly said...

Amazon seem to be out of stock already...

Damn popularity!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: YAY! and HURRAH!

FABO, 6 days from the Midlands of England to the plains of Oklahoma ain't bad is it?

Glad it arrived safely, I packaged it carefully with plenty of padding for you.

Hope you enjoy reading it (I'm halfway through re-reading mine) and the comments we all placed on the title page for you.

Always makes me happy to help.

Johar said...


Wishing you and The (Your!) Daemon every success!!!

Di, FAB photos, well done! You capture Tony's animation beautifully and massive KUDOS on capturing KLLM 'full frontal'! *giggle*

Robin, Glad you got the book so quickly!! Enjoy!!

A YAY and HURRAY on the launch of the book and a big hug to my fellow ITLADIANS for enriching my life and simply being wondeful human beings.

Paco Ahlgren said...

Congratulations, Tony! I'm looking forward to reading it.