Thursday 2 October 2008

The image to the left is called a "Thetan Cross". I came across this whilst doing some research on Scientology. Now I am sure that many of you itladians are aware that Scientology has some very itladian aspects ... the must intriguing being their concept known as the "Operating Thetan".

How a thetan is defined as the being that exists within the "meat body" as Scientologists term it. This is consciousness, the being that calls itself "I" or "Me". This is amazingly similar to the being I term the "Eidolon". Scientology teaches that by training and willpower a Thetan can evolve into an "Operating Thetan". This is, in effect, the Higher Self" or what we would term "The Daemon". But the Operating Thetan does not really have the full power of "The Daemon". However an OT can become "Clear" and when it does so it can manipulate the illusory universe its Thetan inhabits. This is, in my opinion, a fully aware "Daemon" to use itladian terminology.

Now what is weird is that the "Thetan Cross" looks disturbingly like the cross symbols that haunted my life a few months ago. I will be interested in your opinions on this. Check out the following earlier posts:

Most odd eh ... or is this simply another case of Karl's "Kangaroo Effect"?


Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Looking for the Kangaroo in the room is very healthy to eradicating some of the more extraneous examples of synchrondipity.
So I'm delighted you now employ my theory within your own thinking.

The 'elongated cross' is quite common in esoteric symbolism, indeed I remember the startled expression on your face when we were at the Servants Of The Light (SOL), when you saw the front of their booklet.

BLOG: Servants Of The Light (SOL)
[By Tony]

There was a similar Rosicrucian symbol on the wall just behind you during the Liverpool Holistic Circle talk as well, and you yourself spoke to me about the similarity of some of the iconography between the Roscicrucian Chapter and the Western Mystery Schools.

I still find the most interesting of your elongated cross synchrondipities to be around the Maitreyan Solar Cross and your hypnogogic image but I do think there was also some subtle psychology involved.

BLOG: Strange Events
[By Tony]

Re-quote from a previous post comment:

I KNEW I'd seen your hypnogogic star somewhere before in my occultic days and after some considerable rustling through some of my Grimoires I found it!!!!

"The Principality Of Oertha" is a branch of the Society For Creative Anachronism and is part of what is called the Kingdom of the West, and is dedicated to recreating the arts, crafts, sciences and customs of the middle ages and renaissance periods especially in Europe and the Middle East.

If you click on my links below you will see the star.

The Principality of Oertha
Populace Use Badge


Society for Creative Anachronism
(scroll down to 1.3 West - Oertha, Principality of and look at the Populace Use Badge)

Lastly, there is much, oh MUCH, I could say on the whole Scientology, OT, Auditing, L. Ron, Dianetics, E-Meters, Xenu etc subjects and maybe FORUM is the best place to introduce such a discussion, so I'll add it to my ITLADic "work to do" list.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: This is quite fascinating to me, for as I had told you, I dreamt of you and that symbol in a haunting dream while in Ohio. I felt it had great import and was suggestive of some sort of imminent change. KLLM as always can cover all thoroughly and rapidly; I find convincing his idea that "subtle psychology" is also at work: Much like the case of Nietzsche's cryptonesia in the writing of the flying pirate story, in which he told most fluently a parable which paralleled closely a tale from a book read in his childhood. This does not detract from the meaning, but enhances it. Your Daemon theory is unique in that it seems to solidify something, and make personal and empirical, what others have made either too immense (Jung), too limited (Freud) or too mystical and grandiose (Ken Wilber). It is my hope that when I have the high honor of speaking with you face to face, we may discuss Kantian intelligible character and its relation to the daemon, which straddles that domain, while still solidly riding on Schopenhauer's will. Tony, I do think you have a mind which sweeps things up and stores them for later; I have noticed this trait in myself. I think Karl sweeps these things in as well but seems to be able to be conscious of them immediately, and with lasting ability to call them up. Hence, the difference in your approaches and even your respective places in typology and physiology. PERFECT material for Hegelian Dialectical process; very uncanny. By the way, Andrew was most pleased and delighted that you appreciated his latest work. That he was able to take a photo of you which in its original form is a cheerful and straightforwardly handsome snapshot, and extract, as it were, that "hidden" Tony, makes me see a magic both in his eye - so strikingly like my husband's - and the subject which so captivates that eye.