Thursday 9 October 2008

The Inaugural International ITLADic Gathering (and wine-infused toot talking)

The historic and beautiful Albert Dock in Liverpool, UK will be the venue for the Inaugural International ITLADic Gathering (IIIG) this Saturday 11th October, as Tony and I are delighted to welcome the enigma that is Susan Marie Kovalinsky to the UK from New Jersey, USA for the inevitable light drizzle and biting cold wind.

Your very own A Dark Philosopher *bows* will escort SMK to Blue Bar on Albert Dock where that amiable fellow Tony will join us for a couple of hours of verbal badinage, philosophical ponderances and gags of awful magnitude, before the doors are flung asunder and all manner of ITLADists descend on the venue to liven up proceedings somewhat.

Tony, SMK and I will be joined by Penny, Johar, Woodsprite, Ed, Aloha Gary, Baphomet (and Mrs Baphomet) or will it be Anubis65? Dr Alan Roberts, Rich, hopefully “Lady Jayne” and perhaps others who are not regular contributors to BLOG/FORUM but who are avid followers of our collective ramblings and thus know all of us by name and would like to meet us face-to-face.
(poor souls are in for a major shock)

I know there are MANY who would love to be there with us (Jesamyn, Robin, RafromCa, Cam, Roshni to name but a few) and I do intend to see if there is a wi-fi signal in the area that would allow me to connect to SKYPE or other webcam services to broadcast some pictures, but knowing the area as I do, I suspect there is no signal. However, I’m sure there will be many photographs taken and much diving behind comfy sofas by yours truly to avoid them!

If any BLOG/FORUM members or even stray lurkers would like to pass on any comments then please do so either in the comments box or on private email to me and I will be delighted to relay them during the gathering.

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

Addendum (in deference to SMK):
After the initial three-way conference between SMK, Tony and I, the festivities begin at 2pm so if anyone else wishes to come along please let me know.
Ta muchly!

ra from ca said...

I am thrilled to hear the meeting is taking place and will look forward to seeing many pictures. I am available on skype but no webcam (thankfully). I would join you for a brew at that time but it will be five hours earlier here. I really should wait on that!! I expect to see wonderful pictures of very happy faces. Perhaps you can tape the proceedings?? I hope to join in future conferences. Love to you all and enjoy!

Karl Le Marcs said...

RafromCa: Awwww thank you Ruth, that is very sweet.
Yes you would be more than welcome to join us Ruth and if Tony and I get our heads together and start planning our Consciousness Residential Weekend then hopefully we may tempt you across the pond as well. How Marv!!

Johar said...

I am thoroughly excited and looking forward to welcoming Susan Marie to the UK with a glass of chilled wine and a crafty 'fag'!! *giggle*

It will be an afternoon of much banter, ale/wine imbibing and a few ITLADian D&M's (deep and meaningfuls)no doubt.

I hope we can get some sort of connection going between the bar and our fellow ITLADian's around the globe. It would be fantastic to include you all in the proceedings, so finger's crossed, eh?

See the gang on Saturday, then!

Di, are you going to be the official photographer again, seeing as you've done such good work before?

Get the round in, Karl, Tony's ordering his legendary burger at the bar. LOL!!!
*raises glass*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: I know SMK is very keen to share a glass of wine and a fag with you on the Docks but I suspect this means two VERY different things between the UK and the US!
*shocked face*

Yes, I also hope that Di will be the official photographer as a) She is VERY good and b) It will mean just one camera for me to try and escape from.

Unfortunately the food and drink are nowhere near as moderately priced at Blue Bar than in the ITLADic Meeting House so I am dreading the fact that once again it appears somehow to be my round!

I'm sure there is some deeply Mathematical reason for this, other than me just being a lemon!!

Anonymous said...

I shall be there with my trusty camera! I have offered Karl a truce over being caught on camera but maybe if enough pleading is received by ITLADians in general, he will relent and agree to at least a group shot! I am a woman of integrity so I will need Karl's agreement before I capture the Dark Philosopher in full social flow (when he is at his best!) but it's Open Season in respect of everyone else!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Hi Di, *giggles*
I shall bring my hardly legendary pin-striped Trilby and don it for any required group shot (given the imbibement of several wines beforehand purchased for me by anyone who wishes to do so)
And yes, I appreciate editorial final say on what is or is not published Di, thank you very much hun.
Everyone else, yeah, click away to your heart's content!

CD...M said...

What an interesting gathering that promises to be !

The price of an ale; a glass of wine, or a burger at the bar; so many shillings.

To drink in the conversations from the event, priceless.

"Shall I buy SMK a drink from you?"
asked Karl.

"Yes, Karl, please do!", I replied.

Have a great time everyone, tackling ideas and theories;and making friends along the way!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Cam: Lovely sentiment Cam, thank you.

I shall certainly buy our mutual friend SMK a drink from you; I rather suspect she may require a few before meeting AP
(most people do)

Indeed, should you feel so well inclined, you may telephone said Blue Bar on UK 0151 702 5831 and purchase a nice bottle of wine over the phone, which it would be my honour to collect and imbibe in your name.
*Big Smile*


Jesamyn said...

*Oh to be in England now the Itlad Gang is There!!*
I am green with envy but despite SMK's implorings I cannot justify thousands of dollars for a couple of days*sad* but who knows what the Future holds?? Probably the Elite Blue Bar Crowd!!(Who knoweth Much!!)You speak truly Karl, of the Enigma that is SMK but methinks she will leave even MORE of an Enigma behind her,with her, yours, Tony's and all's breathtaking highbrow conversations!!! I phoned her just before she left and she sounds ADORABLE and I am honoured amazed and so happy to be included in this wonderful Circle!!!Have a FANTASTIC time,(as she will tell you, our computers are infected with some hideous virus, probably from our predilections for HURLING E cards and Tarot readings to each other!!) My computer is now a Skeleton of its' former self and I have to start from square one.But if thoughts have power, and we know they do!! I send an OCEAN of good times fun and friendship to you all and eagerly await ANY photos, reporting or Blog stuff.
Let the Good Times Begin!! and I hope to join in next time!! LOVE AND ADMIRATION FOREVER

Karl Le Marcs said...

Jesamyn: Indeed our thoughts have much power Jez, and thank you for sending yours from across the globe.

I'm sure we will feel your presence with us, and I for sure will think of you.

I really hope your computer problems are sorted, if there is anything I can do please email me.

I truly hope we will be able to welcome you to one of our gatherings sometime very soon and thank you again, I shall pass on your warmest of wishes.

Johar said...


I'll be thinking of you on Saturday. It's lovely to hear from you and I hope you are well. I very much look forward to meeting you very soon.

Take Care

CD...M said...

Notes for Itladian gathering:

Depending on the lottery results, Friday evening, a bottle of wine just may arrive. There's one ticket in back up for a subsequent lottery, on Saturday evening, as well. Let's wait and see.

Forum "Pre-cognition" posting note: both kids have had dreams, over time, that we win the lottery.

In any event, lottery tickets are in place, for this weekend, carryovers from last Friday ( my birthday, an auspicious 53 ? ); hope springs eternal, which may be great for whatever flows forth from consciousness; as for lottery winnings, perhaps like number line analogies, hope there might be something along the lines of a fallacy.

Hmmm ... perhaps Robin Hood fashioned arrows from number lines, and that's why they flew so well, finding or "zeroing" in on their mark (LOL); hitting the bullseye from however many paces, one direction or the other, from the target.

The arch of the flight, perhaps significant, aligning well with the curvature of space, or something along those lines.

Integer - Eidolon ?
Interval - Daemon ?
Zero - subjective Consciousness ?

Objective Consciousness: that which subjective consciousness springs forth from ? Ah, yes, the well of being ?

Perhaps Robin Hood was able to "zero" in on the location of each target, as he could "zero" in on the consciousness at the heart of the target, whatever that target might have been. Staring at the target, in a certain way, might have perhaps helped, as well.

Robin Hood was perhaps also adept at sensing the curvature of the flight of his arrows, needed to hit home at the heart of his targets.

Of course, looking at other archers, there was also William Tell;


Hmmm ... the importance of good "will"; telling, perhaps.

Karl, I wonder what that book you mentioned on the Forum: "The Duck That Won The Lottery - and 99 Other Bad Arguments", by Julian Baggini, is all about.

Perhaps I'll be needing a copy. Have a great time in Liverpool, everyone.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Cam: Absolutely!

*shrugs and looks around*


From the BLURB of the new Baggini book:
".....another rapid-fire selection of short, stimulating and entertaining capsules of philosophy. This time the focus is on the bad arguments people use all the time, in politics, the media and everyday life. Each entry takes as its starting point an example of questionable reasoning, and Baggini, with characteristic clarity and wit, dissects the argument and then invites readers to do the same with other examples, and in their daily lives."

It is the follow up book to his previous "The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten: 100 Experiments For The Armchair Philosopher" which has been previously discussed on BLOG last year or so.

I have already found several flaws in Baggini's own arguments.......
*wicked smile*

Aloha Gary said...

Please pass on my deepest 'Aloha nui loa' to SMK when you first meet her, I shall be doing my best to attend, although I will find out tomorrow if I have to scoot over the pennines instead.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloha Gary: Indeed I will Gary but we all hope you can come along (me especially, obviously).

Let me know tomorrow and text me on Saturday.

Cheers fella!

Robin said...

This official IAIP affair is destined to be a success! I’m looking forward to seeing photos and video clips (hint) from the event. Let us know if a skype or ivisit conference is possible!

Have fun everyone!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: Video???
*Edvard Munch 'Scream'-like face*

I've checked with the venue and they do not have wi-fi, but there are other places in the area that do and sometimes you can pick up signals so I'll see what is available when I get there and let you know Robin.

Rosh said...

hi...all... so happy, excited, envious of all of you...i want to be there too........can i call on the blue bar # and talk to all of u???
and alternatively.... please does any one wanna call me..( any rich guy/ gal????)the ISD calls will be very expensive for poor me....
if u want my me.....hmmmm!!!!susan.. take the hint....
woodsprite: do your work gurl.....your camera is the best....and ya please record the whole thing if possible...thank you!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Roshni: Lovely to hear from you Rosh. Yes of course you can call Blue Bar if you wish, just ask them to look for the strange fellow in the Trilby and the large silver claw ring!
Does SMK have your number Rosh? If not, email me.

Robin said...

Roshni: Have you tried Skype? I use it to call international numbers for only 2 cents a minute. The quality of the signal is outstanding as well... Maybe I'll surprise them with a call too!

My contact info is on my profile here. Let me know if you need information or assistance with skype.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: Just reading your email, thank you.

Yes, I will email you with my mobile phone number.
(or at least one of them)

If I can't locate a wi-fi signal and get SKYPE running, it would be wonderful to hear from you and to speak to some of the esteemed ITLADists tomorrow afternoon.

Email/Text me if any problems Robin.

Hurlyburly said...

Just like to wish ALL of you a great day today, sorry I could not be there. There are many of you I would have loved to have met. Thank you to the ONE blog member who did invite me, as we know there were apparent problems with this so...

Hope you have a great day guys and I look forward to hearing all about it.

All the best


Robin said...

It was a hoot to speak to Karl, Susan, Di, Tony, Jo and Gary Saturday! The noises of the Blue Bar made it difficult to understand what was being said but it was a thrill nontheless. My daughter got a kick out of saying hi to Karl.

I hope SMK remembers everything because I want to hear her story of Karl's near demise!

How about another gathering in the spring?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hurlyburly: Martin? Huh?
ONE Blog Member being myself, SMK AND Tony, plus this all being organised months in advance AND a public BLOG invitation to everyone?
I know the truth, and it is a shame you didn't come.

Robin: Hey Robin. Oh ABSOLUTELY wonderful to hear from you. I know that SMK, JoJo, Gary and Di were all delighted to hear that velvety accent of yours that I've enjoyed for so long. *smile*
How lovely of you to take the time to call and be involved, and tell Lily I was honoured to chat with her. She is a credit to her Mother.

I'll never forget being 'strangled' by SMK at Blue Bar.

Hurlyburly said...

I was beig non-specific to spare details. I know certain truths also and it's better that I do not share this, you should trust me on this. (It's not always about you!)

But let us stop this.

I'm very glad you all had a great time though, I look forward to speaking with ALL of you soon.

Karl Le Marcs said...


CD...M said...

Lots of photos to have a look at. Many thanks for those. No call from this end, nor any choice wines from the bar; the birthday lottery tickets came to naught and otherwise the cupboard is quite bare here, at the moment.

Here in Canada it was our Thanksgiving weekend, with a holiday on Monday; that meant a turkey dinner out, Saturday night; turkey dinner, at home, Sunday night; turkey leftovers, Monday night; turkey soup, tonight.

Chores, including removing old dilapidated "duck" boards from a deck, consumed voracious amounts of time, as did fall spring cleaning exercises on the ground floor.

The conversations, though, at the Itladian get together, would have been priceless to listen to, and partake in, I am sure.

All the best

Karl Le Marcs said...
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Karl Le Marcs said...

Cam: Yes, I told the helpful barstaff that if a call from Canada came in they were to call me immediately but they just kept shrugging at me everytime I returned to the bar!!

Glad you enjoyed the photos, believe me they only go a fraction of the way to portraying the FABO afternoon and evening had by all.

We hope to welcome your good self to a gatheting someday; then there is NO excuse for not getting the wine in!! LOL