Friday 24 October 2008

KERRANG! Interview now confirmed

I have now had confirmation that my KERRANG! Radio interview will be broadcast at 2200 (UK time) on Tuesday 28th October 2008.

The intention is to broadcast the interview and then open up the phone lines for discussion and debate. I am hoping that as many itladians as possible join in and make this one of the best shows that Nick Margerrison has ever broadcast.

For those of you in the UK tuning in is simple. If you have a digital television KERRANG! can be listened to through your digibox or digital TV. KERRANG! also broadcast on DAB. If you are working on your PC you can also log into their website (see link below)

Listen to Kerrang! Radio on DAB, Sky Channel 0183, Virigin Media, Freeview Channel 722, across the West Midlands on 105.2 FM & at

Outside of the UK may be more difficult as KERRANG! are a music station and as such there maybe copywrite issues in your country. I suggest that you investigate what options you may have in this regard.

Nick suspected that the interview would be special so he requested that his assistant, Amy, video the whole interview for future placement on YouTube. I am not sure how often Nick requests such things but I am delighted that he considered my ideas to be worthy of such an honour

I would like to think Nick, Alex, and Amy for allowing me the opportunity to get Itladian philosophy to even more people.

Lets make the airwaves fizz guys........


Karl Le Marcs said...

Does anyone need/want me to record this and make it available for download?

CD...M said...

Karl: Yes, please do. I was not able to access this in real time, previously.

Thx - Cam

Anthony Peake said...


Thanks for doing this again for me. It really is appreciated.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Pint of Abbot's please mate!

I will probably be able to do this by late Wednesday.
I may not be able to listen live.

CD...M said...

Tony: I checked out the Kerrang site, online again, for this show.

Yes, looking to go online, or check an archived show, a message is given that:

"This service is restricted to UK Mainland only"

I did see you listed on the TNB Guest page (The Night Before guest page list), near the end, at:

Hope the show goes well and that it garners a good response.

All the best - Cam