Wednesday 1 October 2008

A Warning!

The ex-British heavyweight wrestling champion Alex Shane is probably the biggest Itladian at present. To appreciate just how powerful Alex is check out his latest entry on YouTube:

So don't upset me or I will send Alex round!!!

In all seriousness guys, it looks like Alex will be fighting for the last time late in October. He and I met up in London last month and we discussed where his life will now take him after this event. Alex is simply amazing company and his ideas and theories are absolutely mind-blowing .... and they add yet another viewpoint on the Bohmian IMAX and the nature of reality.

Evidence for this can be seen in the articles that Alex writes for wrestling magazines. However his world-view is considerably more esoteric than one would normally expect for such magazines. Check out:

I will be meeting with Alex next Thursday (9th of October) and we will be joined by fellow itladians, and members of this blog, Hurly Burly, Jake Horsley and possibly A Dark Philosopher. I will, of course, update you with any advances in this interesting collaboration.


SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: Thank you for this link, and it is indeed a most interesting collaberation. Often innovative perspectives arise from unusual sources. You certainly could well use this guy as a bouncer for your band of ragamuffin bloggers, when they get out of line, and forget that they were supposed to DROP - and not continue ad nauseum - a matter(yours truly)!!!

Hurlyburly said...

I'd like to meet this Alex character, looks like a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Apparently i've given opinions about him already despite knowing nothing about it...

*waves at Karl -then does the electric slide because lets's face it, waves are so boing, wow, this is a long sentence isn't it-*

The young guy at my work was talking the other day and he said "Never judge a book before you've seen the cover..." would have been comedy gold but he actually meant it. Anyway, i guess this applies here.

Youth, i blame MTV... and wrestling. Does Alex post here? I'd like to talk to him about the glory days of WCW wrestling...

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Ah yes, the two of you were frequenting one of my old Occultic haunts in Bloomsbury weren't you!

Susan Marie: *smile*

Hurlyburly: erm, what? *scratches head*

Alex: I'm looking forward to meeting you. From what Tony tells me I suspect I will find your thoughts interesting, being more than the usual "are we just computers" type thinking.
So come on Alex, join in and start adding to BLOG and FORUM discussions.
*reaches out and tags Alex before going for a lie down*

Tony: Consciousness Weekend, perfect attendee (Alex), will speak to you off BLOG.

CD...M said...

Tony: Ideas and theories to wrestle with, and now a real wrestler ?

Alex: Thank goodness, Alex, you are going into retirement, and all matches here need only play out in a cerebral fashion; no concussions, nor contusions.

More time for other things, perhaps, i.e., blogging and Forum posts ?

Best of luck for your retirement day in the ring !

SM: We must learn to wrestle these various philosophies you introduce us to, to the ground, lest they get the better of us.

Yes, as we look for what might ring with the sound of truth, here and there.

As the count goes, 1, 2, 3 in the wrestling ring, so goes it here as well, it seems.

1. Thesis
2. Antithesis
3. Synthesis

* glances quickly to his corner looking for further guidance *

SM Kovalinsky said...

Excellent, Cam. You've got it! In the bag! And the Greeks of antiquity believed all philosophy was an erotic wrestling match, and that this is the truest and most sublime "sport" of the philosopher. Someone ought to wrestle that DP . ( No, not breaking Tony's New Strict Rules, but being affectionately humorous. Best stop while I am not yet in hot water.) Sharp wit on you there, McNaughton.
Martin, you will have to show me your electric slide.

CD...M said...

Alex: I was just reminded of a wrestling match I managed to get embroiled in, at the end of a rugby function a few years ago. It was long past my rugby days, as well.

Shane ( last name shall remain anonymous ) was the name of my "opponent" ... LOL ... I did have to explain to the family the odd carpet burns on my arms, the next day, but at least I could tell them all that ole dad came out on top, in that match !

Hurlyburly said...

Don't tell anyone, but i think Cam may have used a "play on words" a few times there...!

Susan, I make no apologies for informing you I am one of the greatest dancers that ever lived. No but seriously I am.

Tony, I look forward to seeing you again and possibley Alex if he can make it. Congratulations again on the new book and the huge variety of inerest it is generating from all walks of life.

SM Kovalinsky said...

And it was quite a display of art, and some craft, that the Canadian indulged in.
You mean in addition to basketball-as-art ( Martin, I never saw such leaping and twirling as I did on your basketball video: Did you ever see Mel Gibson's Hamlet, the duel scene? Such were you)~ and now ye tell me that dance is added to the list? You can try out for Broadway! And I now know that when we meet in London, I will sit with a scotch and soda while the music plays and you are ordered to dance, dance, dance. Under threat of duress, etc; ) and wrestling is a form of dance, and philosophy, according to dear sweet Friedrich Nietzsche, is in its truest form, "genius dancing in chains". And The Daemon, is dance as well. . .

CD...M said...

HB: Yes ( lol ), although I might beg forgiveness, however, as often I know not what I do.

The night of the wrestling event, albeit it Shane was many years my younger, I had been inclined to drink coca-cola, in recognition of the Awards Banquet nature of the event; Shane, however, drank copious amounts of beer.

As he challenged all and sundry at the end of the evening, i.e., whom he might test his grappling methods with, especially now that plenty of floor space was at hand, it seems I was baited on. Folding my suit jacket over a nearby chair Shane soon had us engaged, at which point I decided to hurtle us both over backwards, ending in a quick pin.

Hmmm ... it was fun, and no harm done, but for the carpet burns.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Superb writing, really, you have the flair. Nice elocution.

Hurlyburly said...

Tony - So great to see you again, glad to see everything is going so well for you. I think, as you said, you're almost at the top of the hill now and a few more pushes are going to send you and your work into a world of admiration, influence and acceptance. I have the day off today and shall probably read most of your book in one sitting as i did that first time. Hope to speak with you again soon sir, always a pleasure.

Jake - Absolute pleasure meeting you, your contribution to this area is massive and would be great to see more of you on here and the forum. Was great briefly discussing film with you, inbetween all the crazy ideas flying around the table.

Alex - I was pretty certain the WCW thing would be enough to get the ball rolling! What are the odds, the one event i've been to for wrestling and we were both there ! Was probably over 15 years ago! Your outlook and ideas are both very impressive and I look forward to chatting with you again soon and maybe catching you for drinks/chat before you make your pilgramage to Mecca!

Susan - Was a pleasure chatting to you breifly, thank you for and intresting chat and I sincerely hope you enjoy meeting Tony, Karl and everybody this weekend, I'm sorry I couldn't make it.

I had a very strange and different day and this is all down to the variety of interesting characters i met, all with very different perspectives, it's what makes this blog so unique.

Thanks for a great day guys and I hope all of you In Liverpool enjoy yourselves this weekend.