Friday 9 January 2009

Final details about tonight's interview.

Below are the details sent out by City Talk last night. It gives all the details regarding the tonight's show:


Tonight we start a brand new show on City Talk 105.9FM called "Zone Unknown"10pm (GMT) Friday 9th January 2009

10pm: Anthony Peake will be with with us in the studio to talk about histheories about life after death. This guy is truly mind blowing.

11pm Most Haunted Live in Liverpool. We'll be joined by the Most Haunted team inthe studio to discuss this weeks 7 day extravaganza on Living TV

12 Midnight: We take a look at the world of Conspiracy Theories with Jerry E Smith, a man who claims that the Government can manipulate the weather and usesit as a weapon of war.

Want to join in?CALL: 0151 708 1059
TEXT: Start you're message with the word TALK then send it to 60125 (25p +Network charge)EMAIL:

I have never been called "Mind Blowing" before. My theory maybe so, but I'm quite an ordinary kind of guy!