Tuesday 27 January 2009

Anthony Peake at The National Theatre - 6:30pm Friday 24th July 2009

For those of you in London there is now an opportunity to be involved in an event that will be discussing on of the most interesting areas of my theory, the nature of time.

I have been invited by the National Theatre in London to be involved in an event they call "Platform".

These are panel discussions that take place before the main performance of a play. In this case the play will be J.B. Priestley's Time And The Conways. This is one of the three so-called "Time Plays" that Priestley wrote in an attempt to explain and popularise the theories of philosopher-engineer J.W.Dunne.

The discussions usually last for around forty five minutes. The first twenty five minutes involves the guest and the chairperson in an interview-like format in which they discuss a particular theme and then the final twenty minutes allow audience participation.

The theme will be Dunne's theories and will involve myself and a physicist (yet to be decided). The theatre are interested in having me involved because in my first book I discuss in some detail Priestley's "Time Plays", in particular the rarely performed I Have Been Here Before". Indeed this play contains many elements of my "Cheating The Ferryman" theory so I am delighted to be given a (literal) stage to present this theory. Priestley, like myself, was fascinated by the implications of Dunne's famous (at the time) book An Experiment With Time. Indeed it was my intention in writing my first book, to attempt a version of this book for the 21st century. It is for others to decide if I have succeeeded.

The list of individuals who have done Platform discussions before me is a real roll call of the famous and talented: Julie Walters, Richard Attenborough, David Attenborough, Shirley Williams, Roy Hattersley, Vanessa Redgrave, Corin Redgrave, Doris Lessing, Helen Mirren, Peter Hall, Judi Dench, Germain Greer, Alain de Botton, Lauren Bacall, Alan Bennett, Jane Fonda, Phillip Pullman, The Archbishop of Canterbury and ..... Anthony Peake!

Words cannot express how honoured I am to be involved in this presentation. I am hopeful that this may be the first event that will bring "Cheating The Ferryman" out of the shadows and into the public domain. It is then up to the public to decide if it is a valid and rerasonable attempt to understand the human condition.

For those interested in attending the event will start at 6:00pm on Friday 24th July 2009. It will be in the Lyttleton Theatre.


SM Kovalinsky said...

Anthony: I have been busy writing for my blog, but saw this come up on my blog roll. Wow, this is excellent news, and what an honor for you, and a well-deserved one. When I first read ITLAD, I was particularly impressed with Time and the Conways as you set it forth, and researched it. I hate to be obnoxious, but I hope it would not be too tiresome to see me yet again. I have promised my son a trip to London (as he was disappointed that he did not come in October) and I had told him sometime between March and his father's birthday (July 25). I want to visit Martin Huxter as well. So you may have me and my son in your audience ( to your chagrin). How does one go about getting tickets? I would love to do a write up on my blog. I have signed on an author on my site, Eric Bryant, who is a Philosophical Practicioner of Marinoff's camp, and he would be delighted to hear/read of this as well. Thank you for posting this.

Hurlyburly said...

Consider me there sir.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Anthony: I had wanted to add, that in terms of your theory being in the "shadows", I have asserted to people that it is in fact a theme central to human existence, and a great fact of the 21st century. Because you, through your dyad of eidolon/daemon, have linked binary mind to eternal recurrence and quantum physics, it reaches into all of human culture and society in importance. I believe that your Dark Philosopher had hit the nail on the head with his usual astuteness last year when he spoke of "packaging": As an afterlife theory, it has been wrongly kept within a shadowy existence. He pointed out that it is a binary mind theory, and attached to eternal recurrence with some very high brow and supra sophisticated quantum physics and brain and cognitive science. Taken into these realms and into philosophical practice - and as he and Gary are doing, the field of mental health and NLP - it becomes a central theory which really touches all the domains of human culture. This play is a fact of that, and shows that recognition is there, far and beyond some "afterlife" theory. Excellent news.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Some time before Christmas, I was looking through the forthcoming 2009 schedule for my cultural home on the South Bank of the Thames, my adored and beloved National Theatre, when I noticed the summer production of Priestley's Time And The Conways.

I nudged the snoozing JoJo alongside me on the sofa, excitedly pointed at my laptop screen and babbled on for some time about the potential brilliance of combining The National with Priestley (I saw Beckett's Happy Days and Noel Coward's Present Laughter there in 2008 and was moved beyond words on both occasions).

Anyway, upshot is that JoJo and I were going to see this anyway, but are certainly going to be there for Tony's platform appearance, and I'd be delighted to show you the beauty and joy of Doggett's Bar nearby before the show, and of the New World Restaurant afterwards.

PLUS, Camden Town on the Saturday (obviously).

How MARV!!!

FANTASTIC NEWS Tony, congratulations.

SM Kovalinsky said...

On second thought, Tony, my son and I will be there "in spirit" only. I think one catastrophic UK trip was enough to last a lifetime. ( See KLLM, above; he is gearing up for a repeat). Congratulations; you are a most worthy man. You will do the National Theater most proud! En avant to you.

Rosh said...

Tony:Congratulations....I LOVE U DEAR MAN......for being so committed and diligent...your theory is evrywhere..one has just to keep ones eyes and mind open...

Karl Oh! you and Jojo are an item????..oops! couple?
Susan darling.....u r rite...fools tread where angels fear to dare.....next time u will have me for company...
wud u like that karl?

SM Kovalinsky said...

Rosh: I think it is super and wonderful that Tony is being given such a long awaited and well deserved opportunity. It would be nice for ITLADians to meet in London, and I would love to meet you, and I am sure you would love to meet Martin, Karl, Tony, Jo and the others. Karl and Jo make a wonderful couple, as do Tony and his wife: I just get jealous of being left out of the fun. I think Tony is really about to come into his own with this National Theater offer, and I am so very proud of him. I will never be a spoilsport in the face of such awesome and wondrous talent. I hope my son and I may attend.