Friday 23 January 2009

Portal Radio Interview

I have been very active in the last few weeks as regards radio interviews. Three weeks ago I was invited back for the third time to talk at City Talk Radio in the city of Liverpool. Last Friday morning saw me back at KUCI Radio of Orange County in California. Again this was the third time that Robert Larson has discussed my theories on his show "Out Of The Rabbit Hole".

I am sure that many of you are probably interview-fatigued by now but if you are interested in checking out another one will be interviewd live, this afternoon on New Engand's Portal Radio.

I have checked out their site this morning and they have really done my proud. They are clearly hopeful for a large audience. I will be on air for about an hour or so. I do not know ifv they have phone-in facilities or not but I am sure they will announce this when the show starts.

The link to their site is[/url].


CD...M said...

Hi Tony:

Might just adjust the URL link,taking out "[/url]." i.e., from:[/url].




Karl Le Marcs said...

FORUM: Portal Radio Interview Today NOT At 17:00 But 03:00 Sat 24th [by Tony]

FORUM: Announcement - PORTAL Interview Friday 23rd January 2009 [by Tony]

Not confusing in the least!!