Thursday 8 January 2009

Latest Magazine interview in the USA - "Alternative Perceptions"

An interview I did with the editor of "Mysterious America" and "Alternative Perceptions" (Brent Raynes) has just been published. It is also available for reading on-line at:

I am really pleased with this interview. Brent's questions forced me to present a short precis of the theory (up until now something I have found difficult to do). I think in this interview I succeed quite well.His questions were well thought through and they allowed me to go into areas that I do not usually have the opportunity to discuss in media interviews.Brent's website and magazine are very popular in the USA and I know that they are read by some influential individuals in the field of Fortean research.
This will be the start of a busy few weeks for me. Tomorrow night I will be interviewed live on the radio station CityTalk. This is my third interview with these guys and my second with Roy Basnett. This will be broadcast live across Merseyside, Southern Lancashire and North Wales. This has a catchment area of several million potential listeners so I am looking forward to this. The interview will go out at 10:00 pm and will be for maybe up to an hour. It will be broadcast on 105.9 FM. This can also be listened to online for those of you out of range of the FM signal. This is at
The following Thursday evening/Friday morning I will be interviewed yet again by Robert larson of KUCI Radio. This live interview is scheduled to be broadcast at 1700 Californian time on Thursday which will be 0100 on Friday morning (the 16th) for me. You may recall that Robert and I only had half an hour last time so this time it will be the full hour. This can be listened to at and again a podcast will be available to download a few hours later.
There are more radio and magazine interviews planned for late January, early February. I will let you know of these nearer the date.

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Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Good interview my friend, and thank you for giving me and CtCw a name check. I hope we hear more from Brent and the Mysterious America/Alternative Perceptions crowd.

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