Friday 17 April 2009

Another "Shadows In The Dark" Interview - Saturday 18th April 2009

Just a quick reminder that Anthony will be doing a live interview as part of the "Shadows In The Dark" 24 Hour event on Saturday 18th April 2009. This will be broadcasting Live from the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum" in Florida. Anthony has been sqeezed in as a late guest and will be interviewed from 0700 to 0900 Eastern Time. Please confirm what time this will be for your location.
Unusually for Anthony's American and Canadian interviews this will be a very reasonable time for you guys in Europe, India and even China.

This interview is a swift follow-on from Anthony's two hour interview with host (and member of this FORUM) Jeremiah Greer. As this will be, in effect, a continuation of this first interview it is likely that some new areas of ITLAD/CTF may be discussed.

It is also hoped that Anthony and Jeremiah may be joined by people attending the event, members of the Graham Hancock website, and, hopefully, some members of this FORUM.

Full details of this can be found at Please be aware that it is unlikely that this will be available on a "listen again" facility.

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Anthony Peake said...

Unfortunately luck was not with me today. It seems that Jeremiah and his team have had real technical problems. As you know they are doing a 24 hour broadcast out of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Musueum in St Augustine in Florida. Jeremiah's usual base and studio is in North Carolina so they have been dependent upon the technical team at Ripleys to set up the broadcast. It seems that things have failed to work and thus far, although the interviews have taken place, nothing has been broadcast. They have therefore already lost 8 hours of the 24. The Ripley technical staff are due in at 0900 (EST) and Jeremiah is hoping that they can sort out the problem.

However, the good news is that my interview will be available for "listen again" and download in a few days time. As a member of my FORUM Jeremiah will place a link on there as soon as it is available. I will then copy that link and place it on this BLOG.