Friday 24 April 2009

ITLADian Movie Project

Well, after seven years procrastinating, The God Game series (six short digital films which I call surrealist documentaries) is finally going to be viewable online, thanks to the assistance of a member of the younger generation! All the films (and the final capstone work, Being the One: Document of a Delusion) will eventually be uploaded to my youtube channel, here

For a description of the God Game film project, which was actually completed back in 2002, you can visit my blog.

The premise of the film (surprise surprise) is quite ITLADian -  it actually began with a dream I had, about being in an acting class and using a megaphone to create an after-death persona, who would comment on one's life from "the other side." This instantly gave me the idea of making a movie - combining documentary format with role-playing, with psychotherapy, in which I would ask players to imagine their deaths and reconcpetualize their lives, as stories, seen from this transpersonal (Daemonic) POV.

An idea ahead of its time? Let's hope so, anyhow, because it's taken seven years for the films to get "released"! But here they are....


SM Kovalinsky said...

Jake, Post this on my blog. Bravo to you.

Anthony Peake said...


Things are really coming together for you. I am both delighted, and honoured, that you are applying itlad to your film making.

Have you considered placing this on the FORUM?

Anthony Peake said...

It has just dawned on me that the original title of one of my favourite books of all time, "The Magus" by John Fowles, was originally called "The God Game" by its author!