Sunday 26 April 2009

A Weird Coincidence

Something very weird took place last Friday (17th April) and I am keen to record it here.

Myself and FORUM/BLOG member, Aloah Gary met for coffee at Waterstones Bookshop in Birkenhead. We were joined for ten minutes or so by another member of the FORUM/BLOG who happened to be in the area (Edg). Ed left and Gary got down to business. He gave me some good advice about where I should next go with my writing. Gary used an analogy to explain my present circumstances. He said “You are like a guy with a dog at your heels with a handkerchief carrying your worldly goods. You need to step off that cliff because you will find that a parachute will be supplied for you as you fall”. Now, believe it or not (and I didn’t mention this to Gary at the time) a two days before I had a waking hypnogogic image of myself walking along a road with a stick and a knotted handkerchief. This puzzled me at the time. I recall thinking “where does that image come from? Did people in times past carry their belongings that way? and what a small amount could be carried”. At the time I mentioned this weird image to my wife.

I left Gary and arrive back home I settled down to read my emails. Nestling in my in-tray was an email from a member of the Graham Hancock Phorum and I opened it. The lady in question, "Nebankh" discussed some strange synchronicities in her life. I was delighted that the synchronicities (synchrondipitys as you know us Itladians call them) were manifesting in her life as they do in ours all the time.

Nebankh had also attached a short story that she was keen for me to read.

I then decided to read the story before I emailed her back to say thank you.

Within half a page I was stunned. I re-read what she had written and my brain simply could not take in fully the import of what I was reading. On the first page of Nebankh's story was the following :

"Goodbye Lily, till tomorrow then," and he tossed her a small card. There was a picture of a young man, with a joyous dog snapping at his heels; over his shoulder he carried a stick with a small, knotted handkerchief carrying all his worldly possessions, and he was stepping off the edge of a cliff with a happy smile on his face."

Just reading that now sends shivers down my spine..... it seemed personally targeted as to not only reinforce the message that Gary had given me, but also to prove to me that there is something powerful going on here .... something that continues to amaze me and leave me in absolute awe!

I am still wondering as to what the significance of this event is ..... but I am keeping an open mind!


String said...

Wow, interesting - on April 15th I wrote a blog post to put up on precognition. (for the topic on Grahams board) in it I detail the strange experiences I had with two tarot cards, The Fool and Death and UFOs and dreams in which I met someone when I was 14 in a series of scary UFO dreams that I later met at 38 - the gist of the story is that in the dreams we set up a series of codes to 'recognize' each other in 'real life'...and that is what happened over 24 years later.

This was an event that friends of Bud Hopkins wanted me to report to him - as what occurred was so highly unusual. I declined due to the confidentiality issues with the person in question. - A problem I have with most of my precognitions.

I think maybe I should write to you personally. I have house guests at present, so have not been able to participate much in anything.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: I was speaking to Aloha Gary about this after you had left the Informal Mini-ITLADic Gathering.

Now, as any reasonable practioner of Tarot will tell you, much of the interpretation is subjective. However, THE FOOL is unique in the 22 card Major Arcana, numbered as it is, ZERO. Some place this at the end of the Major Arcana, after THE UNIVERSE (21); some place it at the very beginning of the Major Arcana, prior to THE MAGUS (1).

The imagery of different decks itself changes to the degrees that the deck is symbolic of the belief system from which the deck originates.

Indeed if you look at THE FOOL in the H.R Giger pack you'd be very surprised!

*shocked face*

But this is most interesting in relation to Aleister Crowley's "THOTH DECK" originated from the teaching of The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn, and this is largely unambiguous about where THE FOOL should be in the journey of the Major Arcana......

"First cometh the Atu numbered 0, the O of the Heavens = Negative. Then 1 = the O opened out into a right line = the Positive. These two numbers have corrupted Egyptian Titles: 1 to the 0, Mat - to the 1 Pagad. These are Maut = Mother Goddess and Pekht = Extension. Maut of all extended through the Universe, "and above the shoulders of that great Goddess is nature in her vastness exalted." Note the last Atu is called the Universe."
The Golden Dawn Cipher ManuscriptThis means that THE FOOL is the at the origin of the journey, it is THE SUBJECT, the observed, the focal point from which everything originates. Thus everything originates from ZERO, or as I would put it, everything originates from the Zero-Point, and it is the energy field of the Zero-Point that is objective consciousness from which we collapse the consciousness wave to create what we perceive as our subjective consciousness.

These esoteric fellows did know a thing or two.

So the symbolism for you, Tony? Yes, you are the journeyer, the path before you is yours, which you choose is which you will pursue and you need not do that alone if you do not wish to.

Gary and I also know a thing or two!

Jaq White (Nebankh) said...

Tony, here's my take on this.
I reckon you've already taken that step, and here's why.

The first time you received the image directly, personally, and sared it with the person closest to you - your wife, who shares your inner space.

The second time you recieved the image it was from one of your close circle, who knows you well, and would be aware of the journey you have embarked on with your theory gaining a wider audience, and all of the changes and adventures, tests and trials to come.

The third time you received the image was from someone in that wider circle you had reached, who doesn't know you at all, but who reinforced the 'stepping into unknown territory' by an act of synchrondipity.

To me, this became apparent last night when you made the reference to the Dell Boy gag when speaking of future success.
It reinforced your sense of 'stepping into the unknown, but despite any feelings of anxiety about what the future may hold (on all 3 levels, your inner world,your close friends and thirdly, how you are affected in the wider world) you've already stepped into a bigger unknown by being author of the month, with all the various reactions you received, the vast majority of which were positive.

That moment when you added the humorous Dell Boy remark, in response to enormous praise and respect from the host of the site, was a wonderful example of your sense of humour and the grace/humility that you have retained.
That was when the image came full circle IMHO.

You've taken the step, boldly, have all of the most important things in that little handkerchief - the things money can't buy, represented by the 3 occurrences of the images; your inner self and wife; your close circle and the wider circle; and you are being guided by that little dog snapping at your heels.
I've written about the little dog being representative of the inner guide previously, and how it helps us fulfil our true potential (I'll post that somewhere if you like) but that was before I came across the Daemon theory. So perhaps the little dog is your Daemon, guiding you as you stepped into the unknown.
Sorry if I've waffled on, but that's my take on it, and I'm allowed to have a go at interpreting it because I was compelled to send the story to you at that precise time!

Anonymous said...

It seems the ripples from this event continue to spread across the ether. When I read this post, I knew it referred to Major Arcanum 0- The Fool, before I even looked at the picture of the card on the web page.
The names of the people you referred to in this post also have significance with me, in that since reading ITLAD and joining your forum, I have spoken with Aloha Gary about Blavatsky, and Nebankh about Tarot; the latter online conversation took place in a topic about divination, and how it could fit in with the ITLAD theory.
I came to Tarot via reading Blavatsky's works, and these interests are also what lead me to read ITLAD, and mention it on my own blog. My blog was originally conceived as a way for me to explore various aspects of my own Tarot card readings, and inevitably got sidetracked along various other topics, as is my usual wont.
This has now turned full circle in that you have linked to my blog from here as a result of having read my review of your book- so Tarot has continued to weave its' magic some five months after the initial event!