Saturday 18 April 2009

Yet More "Itladic" Art

I received a letter today via my publisher. It was from somebody who had recently read my second book The Daemon and, like many others before him, felt motivated to write to me. I am both amazed and honoured that strangers really do seem to relate to what I write and state that I'm describing the "truths" that they have long been aware of but have never seen in print, nor felt assured enough to discuss with others. In my opinion this is the strength of ITLAD/CTF because it really does seem to resonate with so many people.

This gentleman sent me a drawing he had done after reading the book. A copy of this is above. He describes this as such:

"The chart describes the cycles of ETERNAL RETURN, or RECCURENCE, but also the PATH of UNITY which resolves as the Sacred Spiral in the Real Interior Universe as symbolised by the ALEPH OF SACRED KABBALAH..... (on my chart) the small circles within the great AEON or OLAM represent in their entirety, a cycle of lives, each small circle being a complete life. The large CIRCLE (Aeon) begins and ends with a given life; this is the cycle of REINCARNATION of the same lives"

The gentleman in question does not have a computer so I have placed this on here for him.

Although he will never read this, unless he change a lifelong antipathy to "new technology" I really would like to place his wonderful hand drawing that he so kindly sent to me on here so more people can appreciate it and also to have it recorded in some way.

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