Thursday, 8 February 2007


I am very interested in the similarities between what you are doing as a management trainer and my theory of what I term the 'Daemon-Eidolon Dyad'. Indeed I can really take on board the concept of 'the Working Self' as a model of memory. Now if the Working Self' is just a variation on my Daemon then we have some very interesting outcomes. As you rightly say this being, with its knowledge of both future as well as past events, can adapt the behaviour of its eidolon to take one particular course or another and in doing so flip that consciousness from one Everett Universe to another - in a similar way to that described by Jorge Luis Borges describes in his wonderful short-story 'The Garden Of The Forking Paths'. One could argue that this change in future-outcome almost acts in the same way as mutations do in evolution. A 'temporal mutation' will start a new personal time-line of experience that will, in turn bring about many new consequences (as shown in the film 'Sliding Doors').

Now your point that the Daemon is fallible is an interesting one. However it may be argued that the Daemon knows far in advance what the outcome of any choice will be. These choices may initially seem wrong but when viewed at a distance may assist avoiding a bigger problem awaiting in the further future. I keep thinking of that advert showing the skinhead chasing the older man down the street - I think is was for the Guardian newspaper - the implication being that you have to have the whole picture to make a valid judgement. Our Daemon has the whole picture. Does this make sense?

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