Thursday 8 February 2007

TLE Artist & Synchronicity

In the course of my research into creativity I have discovered an American artist by the named of Myron. This guy's work is really interesting. Slightly similar to H.R. Giger (the Austrian conceptual artist who was responsible for the design of the creatures and sets of the film Alien). I came across Myron because he considers that the driving force in his creative vision is his temporal lobe epilepsy. He and I are now in contact and after checking out my website he came back to me to say that he can really relate to my theory, particularly the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad. However what really stunned me was not only that his Daemon regularly communicates with him but also what this Daemon is called - Charon. This is so synchronistic as to be disturbing. Those of you that know me well know that the original book title was to be Cheating The Ferryman. A central character in this scenario is, of course, the mythical ferryman who takes the dead souls across The River Acheron (or Styx). The Ancient Greeks had a name for this being, they called him Charon. Those of you who have attended any of my library talks will know that I spend a good deal of time explaining why I called the book Cheating The Ferryman, and in doing so I have three or four slides showing various images of this ferryman. The name Charon, for some subliminal reason, has been central to my book since its inception - and now I find that the first real daemon that I may be able to communicate directly with has the same name (Myron/Charon is happy for me to discuss with him/them in detail their 'relationship').

Now if my whole theory is correct then this was bound to happen. My 'memory' of my past-life will contain the name Charon and, for some strange reason - maybe simply a temporal joke - my own Daemon had me reference Charon right from the start. Total 'pandemonium' isn't it!?

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Jason Kephas said...

wonderful. follow that rabbit, Tony

this way madness lies - and unplugging from personal identity to attain true reality (sanity) is ipso facto synonymous with GOING IN SANE