Thursday 15 February 2007

Synchronicity - Anarch Peak

For those who have read the book and indeed those who have not but have heard me speak you will be very aware that one great interest of mine is synchronicity. If my theory is correct then significant coincidences can be explained by either daemonic influence or else the coincidence is brought about because the subject 'remembers' something from the past-life re-run, a memory or recognition that is triggered by the familiarity of the circumstances or scene being perceived. I am also of the opinion that things you may have done in your past are, in some way, influenced by future knowledge.

When I first started researching the book I became fascinated by the work of science-fiction writer Philip K Dick. Looking back now I have no idea why this came about. I sometimes read SF but I had read none of his work. I was more into Philip Jose Farmer and Ray Bradbury. Indeed I became pre-occupied with both him and his writings when I discovered some amazing links between the Ferryman Thesis and the actual events that took place in Dick's life. Indeed I suggest that after reading my book you take time to read his novels VALIS and UBIK. The similarities are amazing.

I am now researching my second book and PKD is one of the main subjects. I have always wondered if in my previous life I read a good deal of his stuff and his experiences were subliminally responsible for the theory. Well yesterday I found another synchronicity that made me very excited. In one of his earlier novels, Counter Clock World one of the main characters is somebody called Anarch Peak - sometimes just known as A Peak. Now this guy - and this is were it gets creepy - Peak is said to have discovered that death and time are illusions, as is reality. Could it be that an earlier version of me read this story and was intrigued enough to continue reading the rest of PKD's writings and in doing so the seeds of ITLAD and CTF sown for a future version of me to reap?

Now tell me if I am placing significance where it is not but I do find this really weird ......

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Robin said...

Funny how synchronicity shows up just when we need it! (wink) It opens doors to understanding the things we already know.