Saturday 10 March 2007

Flanagan's Apple on Second Life

The Second Life link continues to be really interesting. If you go onto it and search out Flanagan's Apple in the virtual simulation on Matthew Street in Liverpool you may find something you recognise. Go into the bar and look at the poster to the left of the bar as you look at it from the entrance. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. It is the cover of my book. But it gets better. Seek me out - my SL name is DAEMON BOHM - and we can have not only a chat but I can give you a free teeshirt that your Avatar can wear whilst in Second Life. And what a natty little teeshirt it is. On the front is my website and on the back is a picture of my bookcover. You can then become a walking bill-board!!

If I can get enough interest I will set up a Second Life Group to discuss areas of mutual interest in a face-to-face (or pixel to pixel) situation.

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Malethon said...

Secondlife! Yes this is a good place to meet people, and a group should be started. Good to see sl is being used for so many things.