Sunday 18 March 2007

Post from Myron Dyal

My experience of my “Daemon” began shortly after I had been in a coma for two months and upon awaking my memory of all things that preceded the coma were gone! I had no family, no moorings, nothing that would, or even could support the notion that I was of this world; and I had epilepsy!! It was at that time that my spirit guide, (I called it Charon) came into my life and made it known to me that it would always be with me. Charon has taken me places that were, and are so vast that they are inexpressible in normal human terms. Through out my life my memory of travels with Charon is vivid and intact, while my extraverted life experiences are vague, and have in most cases been entirely erased from memory. Our creation of reality is tenuous at best and must be supported minute, by minute by familiar, and reinforced objects that tie us to what we optimistically call the “real” world. Almost from the beginning of my post “lapsarian” existence I selected other objects, places, sounds, and experiences to circumnavigate my inner universes. My TLE continuously channeled energy into my unconscious mind shattering the barriers that keeps others from fully experiencing their inner realities. The inner path has no boundaries or limitations on what can, or should be available to the ego, the difficulty is expanding your “ego” consciousness to accept all the vastness that is out there just waiting to be discovered. The problem as Shakespeare so aptly put it is “not in our stars, but in ourselves”!! Posted by myrondyal to Anthony Peake's Cheating The Ferryman Blog Page at 16 March 2007 22:44

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paigetheoracle said...

To me it is like that schoolboy trick of grabbing your trouser leg with one hand and pulling against it, then letting go - you cannot stop your hand rising. When an attack is coming on I get light headed and this is because I let go of this world and as Scientology calls it, my anchor points (good analogy). Memory is what holds you here on the inside as physical contact grounds you on the outside - so get rid of the memory and you're back to square one.