Thursday 1 March 2007


Hi, Just a quick point. I note that Bloggerhead and Its Cool To Care are having a very interesting exchange under the above heading. By all means continue there if you wish but as you are both entitled to place a blog like this one you could make your comments and thoughts slightly more public.

In response to Bloggerhead's observation regarding the Tibetan Book of The Dead and Shamanism she will be pleased to know that I will be discussing the implications of this fascinating belief system with regard to The Ferryman Thesis in some detail in my planned third book. Indeed I am working my way through the Mercea Eliade book Shamanism at the moment.

Also the Tibetan Book of the Dead (or Bardo Throdrol) will feature in my next book in relation to the writings of Philip K Dick.

I totally agree with Bloggerhead that both these systems have massive similarities with my theory and I thank her for pointing this out.

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Bloggerhead said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I am a novice blogger, despite the name. Can you put my posts and Its Cool To Care where they can be seen? I also would like to share the discussion about the Jon Whale Stationary Assemblage Point which I put in one of my recent postings.