Friday 2 March 2007

Reincarnation v Eternal Return

Hello Tony and Titas Rivas

Asking if anybody had heard that Prof Stevenson had died was my first contribution to the blog. Thanks to Titas Rivas for answering my question as to what he will come back as. Although I asked it very much tongue in cheek it sparked a very interesting response from Titas.
I fully agree that Prof Stevenson will go down as one of the most significant contributors to the great questions of life.
I am not sure where I stand on the Reincarnation v Eternal Return debate. I have several problems with reincarnation although I do admit that every time I finished a Stevenson book my doubts were certainly lessened.
My own experience of my young son telling me one day in an unusual serious voice that "we do this all over again" could I suppose be evidence for either theory.

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T. Rivas said...

Hi Chels99,

Yes, I agree, your son's comments could be interpreted as fitting into both theories. By the way, what exactly was he commenting on?