Sunday 26 April 2009

ITLAD meeting

Yesterday was another opportunity for meeting a few of the wonderful people who share a fascination for the works of Anthony Peake and who add to the developing discourse on this forum. We congregated at the Blue Bar at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. I, for one, had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the bonhomie and conversation.

Photos of the event can be viewed at


Karl Le Marcs said...

Many more photos added now.....

PHOTOS from Informal Mini-ITLAD Gathering - Saturday 25th April

dorje said...

(Sorry Anthony- I look like a scary murderer on this photo- I think that's just the face I pull when I'm listening intently to intriguing debate!) It was great meeting everyone again, sorry I couldn't stay longer as again I only got to talk to half the folks there- Cheers