Tuesday 7 April 2009

When the Saints went marching in...

Just a quick thanks to Anthony and Penny for coming along to the private view of the exhibition at Saint Brides Church on Percy Street in Canning on Friday. It was a lovely night where Saints and holy beings mingled freely with baffled members of the wider public and proud aunties and cousins. There were a good few folk there who had read ITLAD and were quite excited to meet the Author.

One of the images on display was Anthony with halo and the show also featured a certain Dark Philosopher with a bright red halo. Show has been unexpectedly successful since and I've really enjoyed being there. There is a free-floating halo on one wall for the viewer to be invited to canonise themselves so if you are feeling sacred over the holiday pop along and see for yourselves. You might get a glimpse of your Daemonic side... (Cheers for coming guys)


dorje said...

Rumour has it that altough the show was initially supposed to come down on Friday tenth there may be a chance to leave the work up for a short while longer for anyone who couldn't make but still wanted to have a look. Please email me from my blog profile if that's you as St Brides have been really flexibe- more of this work available from the link on blog profile too

Karl Le Marcs said...

Dorje: Tony, fantastic news mate. I'm absolutely delighted for you.

If I'd known about this I would have made every effort to be up there to see it (and those poor souls who have to look at my grinning mush. I hope you have a warning up before they get to mine!!)

It's a lovely picture of you and AP, I really would LOVE to see this exhibition.

Congratulations mate, hope to see you soon as we're trying to arrange a Liverpool ITLADian get together for late April/early May.

Anthony Peake said...


It was great to be there. The atmosphere was simply amazing and using frankincense was an inspired idea in your part.

I also thought that the church was particularly special and was the perfect venue.

It was great to be introduced to so many people who had read my first book (how many did you give as Christmas presents?)

My formal apologies to my fellow itladians about not announcing this event on either the Blog or the FORUM. Last week was very hectic with both Fortean Times and the Graham Hancock site kicking off at the same time.... clearly my halo has slipped!!!

I agree with Karl about having another itladian get-together in Liverpool. Let's see what we can arrange.

dorje said...

Yep- get together sounds good- my vote is for anywhere with circular windows... And yes I have to admit, the first book was a great help to my Christmas shopping panic!