Wednesday 12 December 2007


I am really pleased with how this blog is now developing. My intention was to build a little community of like-minded people who wish to openly discuss the implications of ITLAD and CTF. Over recent weeks things have become both this and even more. I know from the private emails that many of you send me that we are becoming 'virtual friends' which is a real bonus. There is a lot of knowledge out there in the group (both intellectual and experiential) and I know that many of you have had simply amazing personal experiences that you know really happened to you. We are now starting to share these to help each other understand more about this amazing place we find ourselves. I am really excited by this and by the fact that people are starting to find this blog by chance and find its contents interesting. For example you may have missed the following comment by Robin Hernandez in response to Chris's Right Brain Vs Left Brain Posting:

"What an incredible blog! I was directed here through a (standing) Google alert on right brain/left brain.

I've poked around a bit, and found so much food for thought. Being one who is consistently "hungry," there's no doubt that I'll return regularly to see what's being discussed."

What more can I say - and this is down to all of us .... and I am hoping that Robin, who is a very interesting artist, will join in on a more formal basis.

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