Thursday 13 December 2007


I am a little premature in posting here as I have not read Anthony Peake's book/s as yet.I have E mailed him regarding lucid dreams.I do not think a fellow-blogger here, Susan Marie, will mind my saying that she and I met on a Grief site and live at opposite ends of the world to each other. She is the person who told me about these books and is actually sending me some, as we have grown closer through corresponding and have found many quite uncanny similarities between us. Each time we communicate, there are more.She has re awakened my long interest in Philosophy which I neglected due to Life getting in the way....anyway the other morning we were E mailing each other, and the conversation had got around to her having had a past obsession with Eminem, so I teased her a little, and related that I, in turn, had had a similar obsession with Elton John.. both of these were probably an escape from other large problems we had separately at the time, in each case, years ago. I had just hit the send button to reassure her that I , too had had a "strange obsession" when , right on my TV screen came on a morning show interview, which I had NOT seen advertised, where Elton proclaimed an "unlikely friendship" with Eminem and even embraced him!!!! For some reason, this happening at the identical moment we were speaking of these two unlikely people just blew me away and even a couple of days later, I still find it quite amazing, a 10,000 to one chance.....Myself and Susan Marie talk of synchronicity and I read about it a long, long time ago, and do not yet know what Mr. Peake's works are about, but I am pining here to read more!!!!I realise this is no world-changing event, but I feel for myself it may well be..... Jesamyn.


SM Kovalinsky said...

Jesamyn; I am very glad to have reawakened your interest in philosophy, and to have acquainted you with Peake's theory. His book should be arriving in Sydney soon, as I sent it out this week. You will find that synchronicity is emphasized as a trait of the daemon in his eidolon/daemon dyad. There is no need for concern over the subjective quality of these events, as it is the essential feature of this second self, that it has great concern with personal and inward content. Kierkegaard stressed the state of "inwardness" as leading to the highest ethical valuation as well.

Anthony Peake said...

Elton and Eminem! And I thought the only thing they would have in common was the letter E!

Arthur Koestler in his book 'The Roots of Coincidence' considered these synchronicities to be a gentle nudge to us that 'reality' is not quite as it seems. Indeed something odd happened to me this afternoon. I had borrowed 6 CD's from the library and I decided that I would listen to them as I was writing. I chose an album called 'Meltdown' by the Irish band Ash. Just as the first track started a van drove past my study window with the words 'Ash, your first choice' written on the side. Now we live in a very quiet location and the road outside is not a through one. Traffic of any sort during the day is unusual. I decided to time how long it would be before anything else drove past - it was 25 minutes and that was my next door neighbour.

As James Redfield says in the Celestine Prophesy - keep watching the coincidences!