Thursday 20 December 2007

Real Daemonic Precognition? - Version 1

The picture opposite will be very familiar to those of you who have attended my lectures. For those of you who have not it may simply be an interesting image. We see an album cover by a 'Gangsta' rap band by the name of Coup. Clearly they like to be provocative and what better than to have the attack on the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001 as a backdrop. Interesting but hardly amazing. However what if I told you that this cover was designed in May 2001 and was already viewable on the record company's website (75 Ark) in June of 2001!

If you looke closely at the picture you will note that even the impact point is correct. Indeed the designer even had a 50/50 chance of picking the wrong tower for the first impact. But no, even that is accurate.

I have researched this and I have found that the actual photo-montage was designed on May 15th 2001. The designer, Boots Riley, claims that the image found its way into his head and he simply saw it as "a perfect metaphor for destroying capitalism".

Could this have been a 'previous life' memory that had welled up from Riley's subconscious? Could it be that the images of 9/11 were so strong that his Eidolon started to remember its future (and its Daemon's past)? Or maybe it was an attempt by his Daemon to get a warning out in the only way it could - an attempt to avert the disaster?

Riley was not alone in having a subliminal awareness of what was to take place- see next post.

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