Wednesday 5 December 2007

Kerrang Interview

Short and sweet!

I was expecting a little bit longer than seven minutes so it was quite a challenge to explain CTF in such a short time. However I have been told by the producer that this was a short introduction for a longer phone-in.


Anonymous said...

I became aware of your theories after listening to your interview no kerrang, i look forward to reading your book when i order it. Can i ask what your thoughts are on the film Deja Vu?

Anthony Peake said...

Hi James.
As a movie I really enjoyed it. I was aware of it anyway but one or two of my readers had pointed out to me the similarities with my theory. I don't quite see this. It is a well directed action movie that is, in fact, dealing with parallel universes (check out postings referencing Hugh Everett on this blog for some interesting ideas on this subject). With regard to classic deja vu this is not really addressed in the film.

You will also note that this site is quite movie-friendly. I am a bit of a film buff and I know that one or two other members are (Hurly Burly for example). When you have read the book you will find in it many movie references - and some that although not mentioned have elements of my theory - for example Butterfly Effect, Serendipity, Donny Darko, The Mothman Prophesies, The Golden Compass, Jacob's Ladder, and, I am sure, many more that I have not seen.

I look forward to your opinion on the book after you have read it.

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