Monday 17 March 2008

7 Waves Radio Interview - Thursday 20th March

I will be interviewed by 7 Waves Radio here on the Wirral this coming Thursday (20th March) at 13:30 (UK time). I was interviewed by this local station this time last year so I will be giving an update on what has happened over the last year and discussing my new book. Although only broadcast over a small area 7 Waves can be listened to on-line. If anybody out there is interested you can send a message or question via the 'contact' tab at the top right hand side of their web page into the station whilst I am 'live'. It would be great to hear from you - even better if you say where you are contacting from. Log on at:

I am hoping that if this goes well we may be able to have a longer 'phone-in' session that will allow an on-line discussion that will involve you guys from far afield such as The States, Canada, New Zealand etc.

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