Friday 28 March 2008

Mysterious America

Brent Raynes runs a wonderful website and magazine called Mysterious America. Brent interviewed me last year and we are in regular contact with regard to areas of mutual interest. In this month's edition he references me and my new book together with a link to my YouTube lecture. Knowing the subjects that interest you guys I am sure that a swift look at Brent's site will reward you with some fascinating reading material - some of which may find its way back to this site.

Brent's site is also an indirect link to Philip K Dick. A regular contributor, and friend of Brent is the writer Brad Steiger. Brad, in turn, was a close friend of Philip K Dick. I recently asked Brad what he thought PKD would have made of my theories - particularly the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad. Brad replied that he thought that Phil would have loved it. Makes me feel both proud and humble at the same time!

The link is If you are interested with regard to what Brent says about me this can be found at the end of my Reality Checking column.

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