Tuesday 18 March 2008

Deja Vu and getting older.

I responded with a comment made by Dreamer with regard to my posting two days ago. On completing it I thought that it was probably useful to place it as a full posting as well as a comment. Dreamer made the observation that as we get older, the incidence of deja vu experiences become less and less. Dreamer's observation is supported by a good deal of empirical research on the subject. I presented an Itladian suggestion as to why this may be.

If the pure memory argument is to work (i.e. that these circumstances subconsciously remind me of a similar set of circumstances encountererd earlier in my life) is to hold water then surely the more life experiences we have (i.e. getting older) the more these coincidences should take place. The evidence suggests the opposite. I propose that there are two CTF reasons for this:

1. As we get older our ability to recall memories (engrams) of our previous 'life-run' fade. In our early years they are still there just below the surface of conscious awareness. As such they can regularly surface into eidolonic consciousness. With time these memories fall deeper into daemonic consciousness and thus are not so accessible to 'unbidden eidolonic recall'.

2. As we get older it is more likely that we will experience a Daemonic Mutation. By this I mean an intervention by our Daemon that brings about a change that takes us off the path of our Bohmian IMAX and trajects is into the Bohmain IMAX of another version of ourselves - the one that followed the path after the intervention. For example a daemonically induced precognitive dream is heeded and the subject does not catch a particular airline flight. Last time the subject was killed when the plane crashed. This time they avoid death. From that moment on the 'plot' or 'script' of that person's Bohmian IMAX has been changed totally. As such they (and their Daemon) will have no memories to recall because it is all new experience. As such Deja vu's will also cease.

So it is not at all surprising that as we get older deja vu's happen less and less. However I am becoming very interested in the theories that suggest that there is a 'Consciousness Field' (suggested by Laszlo, Halliday and McTaggart among others). It may be that some post-Daemonic Mutation deja vu experiences could be facilitated by memories not contained within daemonic consciousness but within 'The Field' - what Eugene Halliday termed Reflexive Self-Consciousness and a similar concept, The Akashic Record. For me these are both potential elements of David Bohm's Implicate Order and compliment CTF.


SM Kovalinsky said...

When I read the post yesterday, I had taken due note of Dreamer's posted comments, and was particularly struck by the idea which has now been fully set forth here in point #2. Much of this had already dawned on me from reading ITLAD, but it is nice to see it set forth so concisely and with such precision. Thanks.

ra from ca said...


I'm glad to hear that you are getting interested in the "consciousness field. Intuitively, I know there is something to this as I have had experiences along these lines. I remember one time where I was thinking something and my son asked a question that led me to believe he was listening to my thoughts. I remember a certain fear that he could do that. While some people label this as coincidence, I think there is something more to it. I hope to learn more from you.