Friday 28 March 2008

Polynesian Huna

I was indulging in my favourite pastime of reading weird and wonderful pieces of literature last night when I picked up a copy of a book given to me by a friend last week whose words at the time were: “I think you might be interested in this” – They were right!

The book is: The Power Of Aloha: The Hawaiian Guide To Love, Health And Wealth by Kala H. Hos and John Selby.

Until recently, the mysterious practices of Polynesian Huna masters have been considered by the outside world to be highly esoteric, caught up in occult superstitions and existing entirely beyond our contemporary scientific notions of reality. This attitude was finally shattered during the last decade, as highly respected scientific research - described in popular science books such as Dean Radin's excellent The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena - demonstrated beyond professional question that the awesome power of consciousness, through which the ancient Huna masters generated their apparent miracles, does in fact exist and furthermore, can readily be employed by all of us, once we learn how.

The Huna teachings and techniques have emerged from the heart of the extensive Polynesian culture over several thousands of years. As with all ancient cultures, there exist numerous myths about the origins of this society's spiritual wisdom.

When we look closely at the two short Polynesian words that make up the word Huna, we gain instant insight into the deeper nature of the Huna wisdom tradition. First of all, in this ancient language, hu refers to all things "masculine" while na refers to all things "feminine". Thus the word Huna is a verbal expression of the primary creative act of merging the world's energy poles into one living whole, just as the Chinese express it through the yin-yang symbol. Depending on the context, we also find that hu refers to action, movement, chaos, change, or power ... while na refers to the qualities of order, calm, peace, and endurance.

The underlying nature of hu-na is the practice, in all dimensions, of bringing our different aspects into a greater harmony and balance so that we become whole spiritual beings, capable of potent material manifestation and compassionate relating. The Polynesian understanding of hu-na runs exactly parallel to the new scientific models of quantum reality in the field of wave mechanics, where two seemingly opposed principles or qualities (objective/subjective, cognitive/intuitive, male/female, doing/being, space/time, self/other, wave/particle etc) exist only through their quality of being in complementary relationship to each other. Recently added to this list of complementary pairs in science (and known thousands of years ago in Huna) is what scientists now call the "consciousness/environment dialogue", where external reality continually and intimately influences internal consciousness, and vice versa.

The key notion here regarding these linked pairs is that we can't have one without the other. As the Huna masters knew long ago, consciousness and the outer world are parts of a greater whole - they're not distinct entities, as classic Cartesian science and our general Western worldview have led us to believe.

The Huna tradition stands as one of the primary guides to harmonizing our inner and outer experience purposefully so that, instead of feeling we're victims of the outside world, we begin to employ our conscious powers actively to influence the outer world for our increased wellbeing and enjoyment.At deep levels of human awakening, the attainment of Huna wisdom and empowerment emerges through the direct encounter of our human consciousness with the primal workings of the universe as an infinite whole. As we purposefully expand our awareness of life to experience the union of the inner and outer, we naturally become more and more attuned to the underlying principles of life - the hu-na secrets.

At heart, Huna is a pragmatic approach for using the power of your own mind to influence events and developments in the outer world.

The premise of Huna is that everyday human consciousness does carry the power to broadcast thoughts and images (mana'o) into an interconnecting "pre-matter" or "ether" or, as the Hawaiians call it, "aka substance". Furthermore, this broadcast of energized information has the power to effect directly not only physical matter, but also the thoughts of others.

If this primary Polynesian spiritual premise is correct, then our entire material approach to life in Western culture has been sadly off the mark, rendering us relatively impotent through our belief that our thoughts don't directly impact the outside world.

Throughout history, many of our wisest scholars and scientists have openly claimed that they could sense the presence of an invisible yet almost palpable power of manifestation that exists within their own minds. Isaac Newton, the patriarch of classic Western science, stated clearly that, for him, the primary force of change in the world would prove to be "the mystery by which mind could control matter." Francis Bacon, father of the experimental method, was highly interested in studying such "mind over matter" phenomena as telepathic dreams, psychic healing, transmission of spirits and the power of the mind on the casting of dice. Most great names in contemporary physics, such as Max Planck, Neils Bohr, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schroedinger and David Bohm, have written about the still-mysterious influence of consciousness on external matter and events.

And we can add to that list the name of Anthony Peake, and maybe one-day my own.

[The above was written and composed usng extracts from "The Power of Aloha: The Hawaiian Guide to Love, Health and Wealth" by Kala H. Kos & John Selby]

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

Another interesting quote from a different source is:

Holy Daemon (God Self, Deep Self, Higher Self, Personal God, Bird Spirit, Super Ego)

It has been referred to by many names by many different cultures. Deep Self, Higher Self, God(dess) Self, Divine Self, Personal God, Aumakua, Neshemah, Holy Guardian Angel, Dian y Glas, Christ-within, Bird-Spirit—all are terms used to describe that part of our soul structure that is our personal link to the Divine Source. This is that part of ourselves that is perfect and complete and endless. It is eternal, and survives physical death.

It is this part of ourselves that performs miracles, and to mediate its power into the world is a major goal of any spiritual practitioner.

It is sometimes taught that this spirit can be visualized variously as a bird, a star, or sphere of light, that hovers about 6-8” above the head. One’s holy daemon is, quite literally, their guiding light; it is that part of ourselves that steers us towards those life lessons that we need to experience while we are incarnate. It is through the daemon that we may commune with the Gods and other higher powers, and so it is to this spirit we must first direct our prayer and attention.

[Taken from "The Personal Trilogy:
Notes on the Three Souls of F(a)eri(e)"]

SM Kovalinsky said...

KARL: This is a beautiful post. Thank you; I would love to read this book. The premise is also akin to what Wilhelm and Jung felt about the I Ching and its powers to tutor the mind, so that at last one would be able to exert an invisible yet powerful influence on events. The addendum above is lovely as well, and very much in tune with all you've written as well as my own remarks. is the personal trilogy from Allister Crowley?

Liz Gregori said...

Well done, Karl. I was going to write about Huna yesterday, but figured I'd put it off till another time, and here you've manifested it for us.

When I discovered Huna I couldn't believe the similarities to Gurdjieff's ideas. Here were 2 identical (in some areas) lines of thought, one from Armenia, and one from Polynesia. Huna claims its knowledge goes back to Atlantean times, and Gurdjieff the same -- to pre-sand Egypt. Makes you wonder if these ideas don't make up a large chunk of a primoridal philosophy.

Nice thing about Huna, it gives precise instructions for how to actualize something you want, without any belief system bells & whistles.

The middle self talks to the low self, which talks to the high self. Voila. Pete Carroll, the chaos magician, added the little trick at the end -- after low self delivers talks to high self, forget about the whole thing, consciously. Pretty dependable stuff for manifesting what you want.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Athamandia; Do you think the above applies as well to the recurrence? Do you think we can "upload" or program the daemon to specifically remember and instruct so that a terrible failure of judgement will be avoided? Of course I know that Tony talks about mutations and nudges from the daemon, but I mean something running automatically and swiftly and mechanically. Is this what Gurdjieff's self-remembering technique was supposed to accomplish?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie,
Thank you, my dear lady
*bows in Wildean fashion*
It's rather a rare book I believe but it's remarkably ITLADian; I'll ask Tony if he's aware of it when I see him today.
I agree with you regarding Wilhelm, Jung and the I Ching - Indeed another circle of my gestalt existence lies within the world of Biorhythms and there are Hula-nistic philosophies involved therein, also.
Thank you also, regarding my addendum; The Personal Trilogy is not, on this occasion, one of Mr Crowley's but is in fact written by another enigma - Storm Faerywolf !
Oh and look at this!!! George Ivanovich Gurdijeff has appeared once again
*knowing wink to Susan Marie*
(email me off blog and we must work together on that of which we have previously spoken)
*Big Smile*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thank you for your kind words. Interesting synchrondipity regarding our mutual thought-forms. Do we have the makings of an egregore within an egregore here Athamandia? *smile*
Susan Marie and I will welcome you with open arms into our little Gurdijeff/Ouspensky appreciation society, and I was going to discuss Gurdijeff in my post but was wary of my hypergraphia taking over and the post becoming over long.
And I agree re Huna's direction to actualisation being free of dogma and ceremony - and interesting paradox to more Western Occultism or Mystery School practices, I am sure you will agree.
No Athame in Huna, eh Athamandia?
And BLIMEY !! I was only reading some Carroll while lolling about in Camden last week (bought from the sadly missed Atlantis Bookshop on Museum Street - if you know of these things, which I suspect you may).
"Everything works by magick; science represents a small domain of magick where coincidences have a relatively high probability of occurrence." - Peter Carroll, PsyberMagick

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie (2)
Sorry to jump in on your question to Athamandia (I too would be interested to hear her opinion) but wasn't it Ouspensky who said on the subject of self-remembering:
"Man does not remember himself but could remember himself if he made sufficient efforts. Without self-remembering there can be no study, no psychology. But if a man realizes and bears in mind that he does not remember himself, and that nobody remembers, and yet there is a possibility of self-remembering, then study begins."

SM Kovalinsky said...

Indeed it was, Karl; thank you for the correction. See? I told you that having all my books boxed up these past 2 years has destroyed me. *exits stifling an hysterical sob*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie,
You didn't say anything that needed correction. I'm sure Ouspensky said that on introduction to self-remembering by Gurdijeff.

You constantly amaze me Susan Marie, and that's with all your books in boxes !!!


(Have to go, speak soon)

Aloha Gary said...

Hi Karl & Hurly Burly & Tony and all those at Helsby on Saturday.

As Tony knows, after studying for 7+ years with 10+ trips to Hawaii studying these teachings, I have the privilege of permission to share Hawaiian timeless wisdom and I will put down my lineage in another post, as this one is already too long, which is the Hawaiian equivalent of knowing the source of the information!

all wisdom is my teacher’s, all mistakes are my own
Kala mai I au – please forgive me my mistakes. Sometimes I will over estimate what you know, sometimes underestimate. Begin with forgiveness in mind.

A ohe pau ko ike I kau halau – think not all wisdom is in your school. Each island/village/famile has its own wisdoms and teachings and may have its own version of any given skill or technique, dance, chant, prayer, ceremony or whatever.

Effectiveness is the measure of truth
There is no right or wrong, only thinking makes it so. Which means that if you want to go fishing with a pointed stick and I use a net then we are both right in our own way. And Hawaiians readily accept and respect each other’s differences. Therefore no one is ‘wrong’ unlike our western over-judgemental system of mis-thinking, creating low self-esteem and mass anxiety.

Ho’oponopono – make things right
Before the missionaries arrived there were no Hawaiian words for ‘evil’ or ‘hell’. Everything was forgiveable, even murder!

My training has been mostly on the Big Island of Hawaii and the authors are based on Kauai, for more info see:
so there will undoubtedly be some differences in interpretation and approach.

The word ‘Huna’ was not coined in Hawaii as the name for these ancient wisdom teachings! So please be aware we are discussing what doesn’t exist!

Some background: It has only been legal for Hawaiians to speak about their own culture since 1989 due to the US imposition of the Native peoples religious freedom Act, which of course was all about removing said freedoms. It was banned to speak Hawaiian in schools and other public buildings and Daddy Bray, the father of my teacher’s mentor, was arrested in downtown Kona for chanting a ‘banned’ chant!!

Therefore when Max Freedom Long began studying the Hawaiian philosophies in the early 1900s and realised that there was something really big and important hidden away, he chose a Berber word: ‘Huna’ which in Hawaiian means ‘secret or hidden or occult’ which would be a fair guess but is not how the Hawaiians would themselves describe it.
Aunty Mahealani is quite specific and vitriolic and scathing about it: I’ll let you discover the origin of the term ‘Huna’ here:

So I’m afraid ‘Polynesian Huna’ does not exist! Aunty calls what she does ‘Ho’opono Pono Ke La’. The Foundation of I call theirs ‘Self Identity through Ho’oponopono’.

Mr Long’s guesses and research were however very intuitive and he got quite close to many hawaiian teachings. He also made errors too. Despite the latter he built up a significant following because what he offered worked (see #4) and without Hawaiian help he did pretty well.

If you search the web you will therefore find that many people offering ‘Huna’ trainings have been taught by acolytes of Mr Long. I have read his books and the aim of helping your personal development is achieved, so there is nothing ‘wrong’ with them, they are simply unable to be 100% Hawaiian because this was not allowed in his time.

Now this may not matter to you, in which case, good luck! Personally I like to ‘get to source’ where possible.

My own approach is to adopt whatever works!

I am somewhat surprised about the definition of Huna given by the authors. As mentioned each island differs, but I have met and heard one of the author’s sources speak: Dr Serge Kahili King ( and he did not offer the explanation of ‘hu-na’ (sic) nor is it in any of his books that I have read. The terms I am familiar with for masculine is ‘kane’ and for feminine is ‘wahine’. This may be a term peculiar to Kauai which I have not visited.

Nor are these meaning of ‘hu’ and ‘na’ offered in the standard Hawaiian dictionary, Pukui and Elbert, although I have also found esoteric terms which this dictionary does not cover.

Someone recently told me that Hawaii means the same as Feng Shui, ie, wind and water. LOL!

As with most occult traditions there are outer teachings and inner teachings. The inner meaning I have been given is this, I live in Ha-wai-i = I live in the supreme life force energy (mana) riding on the breath. So Hawaii is a place inside of you, not just some islands in the pacific ocean.

Lets get back to the main point which is: what would be the easiest and most fun way to live your life? As Karl points out:

“If this primary Polynesian spiritual premise is correct, then our entire material approach to life in Western culture has been sadly off the mark, rendering us relatively impotent through our belief that our thoughts don't directly impact the outside world.”

This is spot on! In the west, we do to have so we can be. In Hawaii they are to have to do. We could not have chosen a less useful approach if we had tried!

Thought is the chief, action is the follower. Thought precedes action, always. Energy flows where attention goes. You cannot not cause energy to move by your thinking, therefore be VERY careful what you think. And therefore be VERY careful what you say, or post because that cannot be taken back.

The Hawaiians teach that although you are one fully integrated whole being, a useful model is to consider that you have 3 selves, what in Jungian thought is equivalent to the conscious, unconscious and super conscious minds.

The role of your conscious mind (Uhane) is to decide what you want. Most of us don’t by the way. We allow ourselves to be pushed and pulled by others, eg, govt or advertising. Your unconscious mind’s job (ku) is to remember what was decided, and your higher conscious self (aumakua) uses this to create your reality. Therefore it is imperative to use as much positive emotion when creating, to include the Ku when you are creating, to be more likely to make it happen.

So the exciting thing is that what you think about, comes about! and in this way you are master of your own destiny (ITLAD notwithstanding)

As Karl comments our higher self is the means by which we manifest, and as part of the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom workshops that I run, we connect directly with our higher selves, sidestepping the subconscious which can sometimes distort the request, due to negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

A major focus of ‘Huna (sic) is therefore to clear and get rid of these ‘blocks’ and life’s emotional baggage which often get in the way of clear communication and manifesting!

There are many many correspondences between Hawaiian teachings and Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Persian, aborigine, maori, native American, celtic and many more. At one time there was only one teaching on the planet. Over time this has become fragmented and distorted.

I can’t say I have ever heard the Hawaiians talking about connections to Atlantis however, (curious to know where you got that from?) They are however VERY strongly connected to the even earlier civilisation, nowadays called ‘Mu’ which was a large continent in the Pacific Ocean. Colonel James Churchward believed that the Atlantis (& all other civilisations) arose out of Mu as he documented in his many books.

Karl, I don’t know who advised you there is no ceremony in ‘Huna’? Whilst it may appear that there is no ritual or ceremony on the outside there are clear processes to follow on the inside! Not to mention the considerable practice to become adept at mind-focus. So sorry about that. However, the Hawaiians are VERY keen on simple, and therefore these are not as onerous as other systems I’ve studied (such as NLP).

As for dogma there is really only 1 rule, is more of a guideline really: if something increases your life-force energy do more of it, and if something lowers your life-force energy then do less of it! Simple really.

In other words do things you enjoy, and don’t do what you don’t enjoy!

As discussed on Saturday with Tony, Karl & HurlyBurly, do what you love!

And on that note: lunch looks on the cards right now!

Mahalo nui loa
aloha e maluhia

Anthony Peake said...


Welcome to the site and thank you for such an in-dept post. It is much appreciated. I look forward to many more comments and suggestions. By the way please be aware that as a full member you can also start your own threads on the main page.

Karl Le Marcs said...

I'll tell you what - a small pub in a small village in a small area of England experienced something on Saturday the like of which has not been witnessed before.

Tony Peake, HurlyBurly, Aloha Gary and A Dark Philosopher (Karl L Le Marcs) sat at North, East, South and West around a circular table like a compass to consciousness where the conversation took such surreal roads from Quantum Mechanics to Ken Dodd and from Consciousness Field Theory to Two and A Half Men!!!

It was surely another amazing synchronicity that I meet Gary at Tony's lecture just one day after I wrote the Polynesian Huna post after "something" made me pick up that book the night before.

After talking to Gary I'm keen to challenge some of the content of the book and look further into the Huna traditions.

Wonderful to have you on here too Gary.

Aloha Gary said...


Well you would say that! I bet the guys next to us were thinking 'well I've heard those words but not in that order'!

So in which lifetime did we last do that in?

Karl I don't buy that you have no awareness of other realities, and NO-ONE is buying that you are a virgin of any kind, let alone a 'first-lifer' on the 3rd rock from the sun. ;-)

I don't know anyone with so MANY past life connections as you! Obviously I'll have to bring a mirror with me next time (or maybe you're a vampire in disguise?)

Well as there's no coincidences, my Druid-Crowleyian pals contacted me that day too, so who knows where things might lead.

I hate to give the New Age types credit so I won't and I will say this is all predicted by the Mayan Shamanic predictions for 21/12/2012, that the old ones are returning.

And to quote an old Hopi Prophecy (because I can): "And 144 (thousand) light warriors with their shields balanced, respecting all paths as leading to one shall come to the planet in her time of need and teach the teachers” –

And to quote a recent Hopi Prophecy, 'the people we have been waiting for these centuries are US'

Hmm, New Age vs Ancient Wisdom? I can feel a post coming on!

Aloha e Maluhia
Love and Peace

Anthony Peake said...

What did I miss because of leaving early. Story of my life. I always leave the party just as it gets exciting (could it be that this is trying to tell me something!!)

Karl Le Marcs said...

From A-Ha to Ha-Ha (another topic of lecture I would be happy to deliver)
Yes, it was both hilarious and body language-ly fascinating for me to see; and your comment that they "obviously wanted to take the p*ss but couldn't work out how to" was priceless.

You say that: "Karl I don't buy that you have no awareness of other realities" - I've never said that, and in fact my eyes are open to many greater realities than most can ever imagine - I think you may have worded that comment incorrectly. But I'm interested in your other comment about not: "buying that you are a virgin of any kind, let alone a 'first-lifer'"
I'm not selling!! *smile* I'm opening myself up to ANY and ALL opportunities for some indicator of my non Virgin-Life, I'm sure you will be able to open some new avenues of investigation for me also.

I'm flattered by your comments though, and as Tony will tell you, I don't take compliments that well, as my ego is ridiculously small and runs away and hides whenever praise is presented to it. My enormous Super-Ego and huge id prevent my ego being larger, which is fine by me.
And again, just as in the coincidental manner of meeting you the day after I posy on Huna is equalled by the synchrondipitous contact from your Crowleyian pals (I wonder how many I have been within a circle or two with) *smile*
And interesting Hopi Phropecy! Why 144 (thousand) light warriors? Any significance on 144? In ponderance I am struck by the co-existant fact that Jehovah's Witnesses say that only 144 (thousand) souls can enter the Kingdom of Heaven (which in itself opens up many debates I've had regarding firstly the improbability of "Heaven" in the first instance, but secondarily that to put a capacity on such a metaphysical concepts seems farcical. Anyway, that's for another time and place. Just intrigued by the 144 number, and I'm sure that Gematrians and Numerologists out there may add more weirdness!

Gary, we need to arrange another get together, preferable ale-infused and curry-driven. *smile*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Aawwwww!! *smile*
I'll tell you everything when I see you tomorrow.
Some psychologists would read something into your: "I always leave the party just as it gets exciting"; cause and effect !!
*Big Smile*
Only Joking, LOTS to say so I'll keep it until tomorrow.

Aloha Gary said...


ahh the fun and games of using less than 7% of our communication abilities to converse on T'internet! I therefore get to agree with what you said, and disagree coz that wasn't what I meant!

"144 (thousand) light warriors? Any significance on 144?"

erm, yes. for public blogs, erm, no. sadly this one is occult. neither numerology or gematria will give you this one (As far as I know)

good to know the JW have at least the outer teaching even if what they teach there is incomplete.

(many mainstream xtian teachings are opposite to actual inner teachings - Hawaiians are much more subtle)


Karl Le Marcs said...

I remember asking one JW if they followed the disciple mythos; he said they did. I asked if JWs were aware of the power of numbers; he said they were. I asked if JWs were aware that there were (allegedly) 12 disciples; he said they were. I asked if he had contemplated that 12 squared is 144; he had not !
Heaven with a capacity! "If your name isn't on the list you ain't comin' in!"
PLUS, apparently, all 144(thousand) are already in JWs "Heaven" which led me to ask what the reward the JWs strive towards by living a life to the religions rules. They had no idea!
Plus when you see what Charles Taze Russell (the founder of JW used to get up, it's a bit eye-opening I can tell you!)
You can give me your thelogy behind 144 over a particularly spicy Indian one evening.