Saturday 22 December 2007

Book Hits Number One Spot!

It seems that a lot of people will be getting ITLAD for Christmas this year. The book has been making its way up the Amazon UK charts over the last two weeks and today it hit top spot in the categories 'Afterlife' and 'Reincarnation' books. This is really exciting for me, as you can imagine. Book sales are always higher over Christmas so this is quite an achievement. If it can hold on for a couple of days I may have my first Christmas Number One. I am up there with Slade, Wizzard,George Michael and Shakin' Stevens (oh, maybe its not that good a feeling after all!).

I note that Amazon USA sold out of ITLAD a few days ago but now have new stocks in. Yet again another good sign of healthy sales.

May I wish a very happy Christmas to all of you guys who involve yourself in this blogsite. You all have many things to do in your lives but you find time to read this site and contribute. Thank you for this - it really is appreciated and never, ever, taken for granted.

Lets see what 2008 has to hold.

Best Wishes


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Hurlyburly said...

I'm extremely pleased for you Anthony. You're book is indeed an amazing contribution to the subject and your success is very much deserving. I wish you all the best for 2008.

Can you remember if your next book will be just as successful?!? ;0)