Thursday 6 March 2008

Apocalypse Lite Redux

Ya know, I wrote that Apocalypse Lite thing and I need to supplement. (I’ve been invited here with the understanding that people are interested in my view of things, so I hope nobody minds if I express some ideas about how I think the Daemon contact works on a day to day basis.) Shock and trauma have their place, by the way, in hooking up the circuits initially, but I’m writing of day to day contact here.

There’s a certain attitude that can assist contact with the Daemon. The problem with apocalyptic fear is that it tends to put the eidolon’s mind into a state of fear. Which shuts down learning. Apocalyptic beliefs should only be subscribed to by people who don’t believe them. LOL!

But seriously, desperate fear or belief tends to turn off the higher circuits. Another example of a posture that does nobody any good – a teacher who sets themselves up as a guru on high who must be obeyed. If you’re busy bowing and scraping, you won’t learn anything except bowing and scraping. Need to be on equal footing with whoever is teaching you. So that means eidolon and Daemon.

The Daemon responds to a light touch. I think if you keep your humor and a bit of objectivity, you become aquainted with the Daemon faster and more dependably. For instance, I tend to argue with my Angel because this is my nature. I was in New York the day before John Lennon was shot and saw my Angel at the Dakota. Angel told me Lennon would die the next day. I told the Angel he was completely out of his mind and furthermore, he was probably an undigested bit of potato and why can’t I be normal? Any personal Daemon worth its other worldly salt has no problem with an eidolon’s honest reaction to things. And Lennon did die, which was traumatic, but that’s another story.

Nonchalance toward the Daemon’s existence. Ya gotta be cool but at the same time KNOW it’s there.


Anthony Peake said...


I am so glad that you have decided to post your John Lennon incident. When you first told me this last year I was both impressed with the way you described the circumstances and subsequently the implications of a daemonic precognition. Do you think Angel told you that because he wanted you to change events or just as proof of his precognitive skills?

Coincidently lunch time today I am meeting up with somebody who knew John Lennon quite well. I may mention this incident to him.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Athamandia; Fascinating story about Lennon, and extremely sharp observations throughout. I agree fully that apocolyptic thinking is wasted on those who believe in it! It is so true that only when you have stopped taking the matter seriously, and have learned to use the "light touch" as you say, that any progress is made. And thanks for making me see that I simply must stop bowing before Tony-LOL.