Thursday 6 March 2008

Apocalypse Lite

As I undertand it from the Angel, humanity's deterioration, as reflected in the state of the environment, is quickly becoming so severe that extraordinary rescue measures seem likely. Sort of like ropes being dropped down from on high, doors are opened more easily, secrets aren't quite so secret anymore, in the hope that something can be done for more humans. I would tend to include knowledge of the Daemon along these lines.

I know humanity thinks they're advancing with all their material accomplishments, but the things we now use machines for were once done by us internally. Our reliance on machines is an indication of our regression. Humans have gone backwards and.....truly, I don't like to speak Apocalypse, I mistrust all predictions of doom .... perhaps humanity needs an internal growth spurt. Contact with the Daemon is the next step of growth for the individual human, once the physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual are functioning reasonably well. At least that's how I understand it.

Humans in large numbers who do no inner work create a vacuum, and Nature abhors a vacuum. Nature will respond. She's on geological time, so she takes a while to get going, but once She does we're not going to have a good time.

There. I think I phrased that in a relatively friendly manner. Let's call it Apocalypse Lite!


Anthony Peake said...

This is a very interesting 'take' on the zeitgeist (weltgeist) idea that I keep bringing up. It is as if there is some form of subliminal message being projected into the collective consciousness. The amount of movies and films that deal with itladian themes are more and more common. However it could also be argued that I notice these themes because of my book and that they have always been around. As Karl would say, this can be disproven by his 'Kangaroo Thesis' (which I am sure he will discuss again in due course).

Karl Le Marcs said...

I may not also !

SM Kovalinsky said...

And then again, you may very well indeed explain it: under threat of retaliation (the nature of which you would do well to not dwell on).

Karl Le Marcs said...

Have I not posted my "Kangaroo Paradox" on here before then?
*scratched head*
I know I explained it to Tony last year. If I didn't post it then I'll add it to my ever growing list of "things I MUST get round to posting on Tony's blog".
I write one post and get reminded of two or three others I need to write - It's an exponential existentional nightmare. Er, Or Something.
*quick hugs*