Thursday 27 March 2008

Greetings All!

Salutations fellow thinkers,

I've just joined this blog, at the invitation of Mr. Peake. We met on the Institute of Noetic Science community website Shift in Action. It is what I call a "renaissance fellowship" of forward thinkers and futurists in the area where science, theosophy, and philosophy can be seen as one great thought. It is truly a league of extraordinary human beings. Come join us at -

I am pleased to meet you all. I have reviewed some of the most recent posts, and a related You Tube video or two. Rich nutrients for the brain here indeed.. I currently write from North Pole, Alaska, as I listen to Lemurian Sunrise and Tears over Fujiama by Da Wo's: Shanawo & Renee-Wo, from the album Ancient Wave. Intriguing music.

I believe I was supposed to come here now. As I read (and saw) Anthony's discussions on the Matrix, and other related topics, I perceive we (all of us) have been entangled. I have thought much on the Matrix related to our lives. The Star Wars concept of "the force" comes to mind as well. Remember "Back to the Future?" There are others I am sure. I believe the writers are picking up, (as are we) the reverberations from a future where the quantum interaction of aware minds and realized physicality will be the the energetic reality of day to day life for everyone in this experience. Wow. What a time to be here!

Peace and joy to you fellow travelers, and well met!,



Dreamer said...

Welcome, Jon -- I'm glad you've joined us.

Indeed, what a time!

Hurlyburly said...

You sound rather distracted by film.... I like you A LOT!

Welcome to the jungle...

Anthony Peake said...


Great to have you on board. I think I am right in saying you are our first Alaskan!

I am of the opinion that this site is going from strength to strength and as more join so the discussions and debates will become ever more interesting.

Glad that you mentioned IONS. It is my intention to try and set up a North of England Group of this organisation. In general I feel that the membership levels over here in the UK are a little low. However with a little work on our part I am sure that we will raise awareness.

Welcome on board.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Welcome indeed Jon,
I'm very interested in the work of IONS and will be happy to assist Tony as much as possible in establishing a North of England group.
I shall leave you in the capable hands of HurlyBurly to talk to you regarding films but I hope to read much of your Noetic philosophy in comments to various posts.
In the words of the great Noetic Philosopher Anaxagoras:
"Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen"

ra from ca said...


I look forward to reading your future comments and posts.

I've just recently learned from Anthony about Noetic Sciences, and am exploring some of the ideas. So far I was quite amazed to hear an interview between Lynne McTaggart and Bruce Lipton. I hope to learn much more from you and others.

Jon Watts said...

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I am sure I will learn much from our conversations. As Tony has mentioned in his interviews, there are few people who are mindfully seeking the truth of our existence and capability. We are a rare bunch indeed.