Sunday 9 March 2008

The Last Moment

If we live our entire lives again in the last moment of our approaching death as suggested by the Bohmian Imax I must also assume then that the recording of our lives is rewritable? The evidence that people have been saved from death or disaster would imply that the Daemon has the ability to rewrite the Bohmian Imax and therefore 'burn' a new recording like a rewritable DVD?

I've just watched a film called Stranger Than Fiction by the way and it is very ITLADian in concept. It is about a man who can hear the narrative of his life and thinks he is going mad save for the fact that the voice accurately predicts not only his actions but his feelings. In fact a psychiatrist suggests he has schizophrenia but he refutes this and sets out to find the source of the voice and in doing so confronts his own mortality. Thought I would share it with you, anyone seen it, any thoughts or comments?


Hurlyburly said...

EVERYONE KEEPS MAKING FILM REFERENCES!!! Soon you people will have no use for me... ;0(

Stranger than Fiction is a fantastic film, i saw it for the first time the other day. Brilliant film and a really original idea. I was wondering how they were going to pull off the ending and i think they managed quite well. Farrell is capable of some great serious performances, if you enjoyed this you might also like him in Melinda or Melinda; Woody Allen film about one story told as both a tragedy and a comedy, good film.

When i get a second i'm going to post about the Film coffee ciggarettes in a bit, i'm feeling left out!

johar said...

Thanks HB I will look the Woody Allen film out. I thought the ending was good, kinda knew they wouldn't kill him off though (well, hoped, maybe!)Do you think the Dustin Hoffman character was actually his Eidolon to Emma Thompson's Daemon? That both were a projection of his 2 consciousnesses. Hoffman was clueless initially as to what the voice was but accepted that it existed and later he said Ferrell had to die as if the Eidolon had done it before and it was therefore inevitable. However, the Daemon wanted to protect Ferell's character so rewrote the ending? the two also met at the end - amalgamation! Am I deconstructing too much *mmmm*
Planning to watch The Fountain next week but need to build up to it coz I think I'll need a hankie!

Hurlyburly said...

Ok that's incredibly freaky sheeet!!! We're sat here and just put the Fountain on to watch about half an hour ago and it bored us so we turned it off after 5 minutes!! (nothing to do with the film more of a reflection of our current attention span, not in the mood).

You may be deconstructing a little but that's what films are for my friend! Interesting take on it though, i must say i never thought about it like that. Emma Thompson is brilliant isn't she? One of the rare Queen Latifah roles that didn't bug me aswell! The ending was a reflection of the audiences will for the inevitable to be changed, i guess that much is definately symptomatic of Tony's theory.

johar said...

WOW That is freaky!! We must have had this discussion before hehe!! Will give Fountain a go later in the week. Love Emma Thompson, she does vulnerability, desperation and anxiety so well!
Love your film tips, always on the lookout for them, you'll never be obsolete HB! *smiles in appreciation*

Hurlyburly said...

Thanks, another one just gone up above!

ken said...

OR, does the "saved from death" event only occur in our virgin life and so the replay is only repeating the only event that happened? In this case, no rewriting need take place.

Dreamer said...

Interesting interpretation, Johar. It's funny, I watched "Stranger Than Fiction" just a couple of weeks ago and totally missed the ITLADian references. I think I interpreted the film way too literally, thinking of Emma Thompson's character literally as the author of a book in which Harold (Will Ferrell) was a character. But you're right, the Thompson character could indeed be Ferrell's Daemon -- and the film is even richer when looked at from that perspective. (I thought it was pretty good to begin with, even without this added dimension. I think I'm going to have to watch it again . . . .)