Monday 10 March 2008

Proof of CTF?

I never thought that I would have a meeting so profoundly influential on my thinking as the one I had with 'Margaret', a temporal lobe epileptic, back in 2000. However my meeting with Daza Vu on Friday afternoon (7th March 2008) was simpy amazing (see posting below). If I ever had any doubts about the power of CTF this meeting would simply blew them away. Our chat in his living room was a simply amazing experience. To have somebody describe in great detail exactly every section of one's theory is humbling, exciting and not a little scary. I really feel that I am onto something so important it takes my breath away. His mother was with him and corroborated all of the events that she was witness to including the hyper-hearing which amazes her.

The synchronicities of the meeting and the significance of what Daza Vu told me and writes about above (and that is only part of it, believe me)are stunning.

For example: I, for some weird reason, asked him about his favourite band. It was to lighten slightly the intensity of the discussions. He said it was the band Chicane, and then he said that one of their videos so much described how he perceived the world. As he described the storyline of the video I realised that it is based upon the movie Paycheck. Now Paycheck is an interesting film but what makes my blood run cold is that it is based upon a novel by - guess who - Philip K Dick. I am sure that all Dick's stories are attempts to present they way he saw the world - through his illness which was believed to be, wait for it - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy!

Daza had not heard of Philip K Dick and therefore had no idea of their mutual TLE. Daz related to the video simply because its contents suggest a world as perceived by somebody with temporal lobe epilepsy.
By the way, listen to the start of the video. A voice is heard to say to the main character :
"Get yourself out of here, try and remember what's going on"
Is that the voice of his Daemon? Also interesting that the word 'remember ' is used.
I am hoping to see Daza again soon. He is a very down to earth and sensible young man, a young man who may be living proof that ITLAD is far more than mere conjecture.
Oh finally, if you watch the video through to the end it adds something that is not in the Paycheck movie. The character in the video takes out a red pill, takes it and finds himself back at the start of the video. Classic Eternal Return. But there is more. He takes a red pill. Not just a clear reference to The Matrix movie but as all of you who have seen my lecture will confirm - I term my book 'the red pill'!!


Dreamer said...

Yet another movie I'm going to have to catch up with.

Philip K. Dick was an amazing writer. I remember when I read "Valis" I thought, this guy was either crazy, or he was on to something. The more I learn about Dick's life and works in the context of the CTF theory, the more I think he was definitely on to something.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Amazing for me to see how much your astonishment regarding this meeting flows out through your words. I look forward to talking directly to you further.