Wednesday 31 October 2007

Circular vs infinite time axis


You've probably gathered by now I'm preoccupied with the notion of cicrular time!

Actually, I think it's circular whatever the temporal shape of the universe (discounting the finite bounded option e.g. a brick wall at some point in time beyond which there is nothing).

If the universe is infinite, then even the tiniest probability gets magnified. We know that it is not a case of if an event of finite probability will occur, but how frequently. And, as Tony pointed out in his book somewhere, any finite system must eventually come around to the same state. So even an infinite universe is de facto cyclic. In fact, I'm getting tired of saying this :)

The idea that death means total insensitivity should not come as a worry. It means that these unimaginable periods of time between our cyclic incarnations pass instantly.

About ghosts: In one Everett universe, the Roman Empire never fell (and didn't progress). In this universe at this moment, Roman legions march through our houses. Also, while I am alive in my universe, in others I died in my operation last year, in a collision with a lorry wheel on the motorway ten years ago, or in a childhood accident.

Some Everett universes are extremely close to this one - like a map of Durham is very close to Northampton in my road atlas. I can well believe that our Eidelon (is that correct spelling) drifts a little off-target occasionally, causing long dead or fantastic alternatives to come into view.

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