Monday 29 October 2007

The two languages of Eidolon & Daemon

The world of the conscious (Eidolon) communicates through the voice - this is because it is internal energy being released up and out from the visible (bound) world. The world of the unconscious (Daemon) is purely symbolic (visual). This is because it is attention, aimed down and in (reality formation from energy - fusion as opposed to fission). The Daemon is outside, looking in - Eidolon is inside, looking out. This is why the former sees the future (imagination) and the latter is only aware of the past (memory).

Think of thunder and lightning. Sound travels behind light, yet paradoxically, according to Einstein, the faster you go, the slower time seems to move. Is this because your perception takes in a larger and larger sphere of existence, so that small (slow)sequences become one continual, all encapsulating unity of flow? (Matter is differentiated because it has cooled into separate sections of reality, whereas heat leads to flow and combination of matter into undifferentiated energy). Think of the sun or gas giants in the solar system, then compare these to the Earth and other formed planets. Think also of a volcano and how despite external changes to your body (crust/ volcanic cone), internally you feel no different from your youth or childhood (the living you or potential/energy as opposed to actual/real (the body as opposed to mind)).

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Anthony Peake said...

You are certainly coming up with some fascinating ideas here - all of which are both interesting and stimulating at the same time.