Tuesday 23 October 2007

Dreams That Cheat Time 2

Hurly Burly's contribution below is really quite fascinating in that it supports a crucial element of CTF; that the mind's relationship with 'reality' (or more accurately, 'The Bohmian IMAX') is similar to the relationship between an observer and a DVD recording. The future has already been recorded and under certain circumstances consciousness can 'fast forward', pick up an image or sensation and then go back again. Hurly-Burly mentions Maury's dream. This is how Maury himself described it:

"I was slightly indisposed and was lying in my room; my mother was near my bed. I am dreaming of The Terror. I am present at scenes of massacre; I appear before the Revolutionary Tribunal; I see Robespierre, Marat, Forquier-Tinville, all the most villainous figures of this terrible epoch; I argue with them; at last, after many events which I remember only vaguely, I am judged, condemned to death, taken in a cart, amidst an enormous crowd, to the Square Of Revolution; I ascend the scaffold; the executioner binds me to the fatal board, he pushes it, the knife falls; I feel my head being severed from my body; I awake seized by the most violent terror, and I feel on my neck the rod of my bed which had become detached and had fallen on my neck as would the knife of the guillotine. This happened in one instant, as my mother confirmed to me, and yet it was the external sensation that was taken by me for the starting point of the dream with a whole series of successive incidents. At the moment that I was struck the memory of this terrible machine, the effect of which was so well produced by the rod of the bed’s canopy, had awakened in me all the images of that epoch of which the guillotine was the symbol."

Clearly this is exactly the same sensation as described by Hurly Burly. Clear evidence, in my opinion, for the reality of my Bohmian IMAX theory.

Finally Hurly-Burly also mentions another phenomenon that has long fascinated me. This is termed 'hypnagogic' imagery. This is when a person experiences peculiar unbidden images whilst in that state between being awake and asleep. They are conscious but their mind's eye sees images that can be peculiar or very normal. When experienced just before sleep they are termed 'hypnagogic' and in the morning as we awaken they are termed 'hypnapompic'. I agree with H-B that these experiences are an attuning into the Daemonic mind. I also consider that if controlled these images may prove to be precognitive. I am interested to know if any other members or readers of this blog experience this sensation. I know of only one book on the subject - a book that I have never been able to source. it is called, surprisingly enough, 'Hypnagogia' and was written by a person called Andreas Mavromatis. There are two second-hand copies on Amazon USA for sale at the massive price of $202! So if any of you have read this tome it would be great to hear from you.

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