Tuesday 30 October 2007

Daemon/ Eidolon ratio

When I was at school one of the playground tricks was to tug your trousers as hard as you could for as long as possible, then let go. The result was that your arm would automatically float up and stay raised for a certain amount of time. In relation to the Daemon and Eidolon this translates as the harder you work on the physical plane, the further you're catapulted into the mental plane: The harder your effort, the stronger your release into unconsciousness (dreamland, imagination, death). e.g's hard physical effort and sound sleep after as opposed to boredom and insomnia (no challenge); Drunkeness and the urge to try to hold onto something solid; accidents and unconsciousness/death.

This I call The Accumulation/ Discharge Cycle because it's a build up and release of energy that not only moves the individual but society and the world forward too I believe*. It's found in all rhythmic events of give and take (the pulse of the universe) birth, death, sex, the tides, the seasons and slides in nicely with Tony's theories as you see.

* The way I imagine society moving is like mud or lava rolling down a hill or one of these slinky toys moving down stairs, end over end ('The first shall be last and the last shall be first' then makes perfect sense): For those not familiar with it, this toy is a spring that tips over, so that the top flows onto a lower surface, followed by the rest of it.


Anthony Peake said...

Your theories are amazingly similar to those that have been suggested to me personally by another member of this blog, ADarkPhilosopher. I am hoping that he will spot this and respond.

I am really excited as to how this blog has suddenly blossomed. We are now discussing some absolutely fascinating subjects way out at the edges of philosophy and science but are crucial in my opinion.

Keep them coming!!!

Hurlyburly said...


everyone loves a slinky.

From my own experience, i believe that health is affected when we are not enough physical and too much mental. Finding a healthy balance is definately desireable.

paigetheoracle said...

With regards to the health angle I'm living proof of that as every time I travel, I die a little bit as that is what my migraines/ temporal lobe epilepsy shows

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thank You Tony for the introduction (I am indeed ADarkPhilosopher) and I refer you to my earlier post from July 2007 regarding my Misallignment of the Bohmian IMAX theory here:

http://cheatingtheferryman.blogspot.com/2007/07/ schizophrenic-influencing-machine-in.html

I am fascinated by PaigeTheOracle's similar ideas to my own and I may write a follow up on my most recent research into this theory soon.