Friday 19 October 2007

It was my intention to send the manuscript to my publisher today, the 18th March 2007. I had finished the book last night and I had burned the document onto a CD Rom and placed it in an envelope with the intention of taking it to the post office this morning.

However I was not really happy with this final chapter. I felt that a book of this nature should end on an interesting and intriguing note and in my opinion it was slightly flat. However I had no original material that would fit the bill.

This morning my Daemon seemed actively trying to delay me going up to the post office. It kept making my attention focus in on anything rather than the task in hand. At one stage I found myself watching a DVD of the BBC television series Atom (well worth watching by the way, particularly the last twenty minutes of the final programme) when I really should have been out and about. At around 2:00pm I decided I would have to make a move. I had my keys in my hand and I was walking to the front door when I had an overwhelming urge to check my emails. Why then I have no idea as I had checked them five minutes before. Literally as I looked at the screen an email dropped into my inbox. It was headed ‘Amazing Experience’. I couldn’t resist so I opened it. I am hoping that the Canadian lady who sent it will place her version on this blog soon so I do not wish to deflect from that but suffice to say the email described an event that was absolutely perfect for the last chapter of my book. it contained virtually all of the elements I had discussed in previous chapters and presented a perfect ending to the book.

In future I will always follow my own advice and "listen to your Daemon"!


deviadah said...

It is always the best thing to do. If it doesn't feel right always wait. The worst thing that could happen would be the end of the world, and you can't do anything about that anyway!

Anthony Peake said...

One could argue that if each of us exist in our own 'phaneron' - our own internally generated universe has proposed by physicists such as Max Tegmark, then we each 'create' our own universe and therefore, by extrapolation, are responsible for its continuing existence ( as suggested by the Copenhagen Interpretation). If we decide to cease 'observing' then that universe ceases to exist!