Saturday 27 October 2007

Polish Edition - Czy istnieje życie po śmierci?

ITLAD has now been published in Poland. It seems to be doing very well. Already there are nearly 5,000 references for the book on Google. The full title is:

‘Czy istnieje życie po śmierci ?Naukowa odpowiedź na pytanie , co się z nami dzieje , gdy umieramy’

In 1999 I visited Warsaw on business a few times and found it to be a fascinating city. I am so pleased that the first foreign language edition of ITLAD will be available in the bookshops there.

I am now keen to make links with any Polish readers that would like to join in on this site. If anybody out there has friends or relations in Poland can they let them know.

I am keen to have a presence within the Polish web community. Should anybody be able to help me in this please let me know.


Hurlyburly said...

Congratulations Anthony, that front cover transcends language anyway! I'm sure it will be a great success there.

Salvador Sanchez said...

I hope we soon have a Spanish version of this great book.
I could not wait until that so I am reading it in English.
(My reading skills are better that the wrinting ones - hehehe).
Congratulations and greetings fron Mexico City.

Anthony Peake said...

Thanks to you both for your comments.

I am so pleased that the book is now generating interest in Mexico. As regards a Spanish language edition I know that my publisher is in negotiations with various Spanish and latin American publishing houses. I am of the opinion that Central and Latin America will really take to the ideas put forward in ITLAD. I have been heavily influenced in my writing by the novels and short-story writers of that part of the world, particularly Jorge Luis Borges,Silvina Ocampo and Gabriel García Márquez. Indeed Borges' short story 'Garden of the Forking Paths' was of profound influence to me.

Anthony Peake said...

Recently I have received emails from Paraguay and Peru so clearly there are at least two people in South America who have read the book!!!!

Salvador Sanchez said...

Reading ITLAD made me re-read (after 25 years!) Borges' "Garden of the Forking Paths", in Spanish "El jardín de los senderos que se bifurcan"

Anthony Peake said...


You may also be interested to know that Borges story Funes, the Memorious fascinated me when I read it. This is why I became preoccupied with the idea of the human mind being able to record every experience it has. Indde the more I think about Borges the more I recall just how much he influenced many elements of ITLAD. For example 'The Library of Babel' but most important the story 'The Secret Miracle' where the cental character, Jaromir Hladik, lives a whole life in the final split second before he is shot by a firing squad. As I recall he lived this whole life as a drop of water slid down his cheek!