Friday 25 January 2008

The Wirral Globe

Unfortunately I am aware that most individuals who read and contribute to this Blog live in many locations across the globe. However I know of a few of you that live here on "God's Holy Acre Twixt Mersey and Dee" (a quotation by the famous Cheshire prophet Robert Nixon. It is a response he made to the question "Where will the safest place to be when the End of The World takes place?") otherwise known as Wirral. Why The Wirral Peninsula (beautiful though it may be) should not be involved in the cataclysm is not made clear by Nixon but I, for one, am happy to believe him!

The local newspaper, The Wirral Globe have been following my exploits with some interest and in this week's edition there is an article on me. It can be found tucked away on page 24. As well as discussing the book's recent performance on Amazon it also gives a list of my forthcoming talks.

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