Saturday 5 January 2008

BBC Radio Manchester

I have just returned from my 'appearance' (can you use the word 'appearance' in relation to a radio show?) on the Alan Beswick Show on BBC Radio Manchester. This was very enjoyable and we had a wide-ranging discussion that covered such issues as ticket touts, Liverpool 2008 and the role of free newspapers. Sharing the 'spotlight' was Ben East, Deputy Regional Editor of the newspaper Metrolife (the arts section of Metro). We also touched upon ITLAD (with regard to time perception). Afterwards I had a coffee with Ben and, surprise suprise, he very recently interviewed Mark Oliver Everett. Mark Everett is famous as the leader of the indie band The Eels (remember the song Going Down to Susan's House?) but also happens to be the son of Hugh Everett III, the brains behind a crucial element of CTF/ITLAD - the Many-Worlds Interpretation. Had Ben met me before his meeting with Mark Everett it is possible that ITLAD would have been discussed with the son of The Great Man. Oh well, maybe in my next life-run my Daemon will assist in having the timings changed!

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