Sunday 6 January 2008

More about why this book clicked with me so strong

I have had more déjà vu in this life then I care to remember. Ever since I can remember.
I remember seeing all my life before I choose it before I was born. I have no idea how or why but it’s true, I remember being born. I also saw my own death in this life before I was born. I always had a feeling that someone else was with me in this life so I have never had a feeling of being alone hard to explain because they are part of me. my reason for never reading books or learning at school was I did not need education in this life, again I don't no where I got this from , I just new from an early age I was going to grow up and be rich and I new that education was not part of it. I had no idea how I was going to be rich especially as my family was very poor. My teachers use to say, your end up stacking shelves in a supermarket, they use to say I was a very naughty child always in trouble, when the teachers use to say what is your problem why don’t you like school , I would always answer it’s a waste of time for me I could be doing better things. Now it’s very important I add that now I am older I no school is very important for others so it’s not that I am against school. Anyway how wrong they where, I grew up just as I had always said. The sad thing was I really should have used school for reading and writing. But even that does not really bother me much as the right people at the right time just seem to come into my life.
I am sure I have lived a million times the same life, not one in the 1800s or 1600s and I have never been a queen or anyone else in my past life, iv always been me. This is why my friend had said you must see this film called ground hog day. I also new from my dreams that I would find the answers I was looking for about life and the universe in a book , I thought it was the bible and god was trying to make me read the dame thing, but that was never going to happen. I know the theory in this book is true, I would love to live my life another million times over, even all the bad bits. The only difference is I would not change a day.
The strange thing is in all the déjà vu experiences I have had, I never had one when I first came into contact with this book. But I did have one when I saw hurly burly added a comment to my other posting. Very strange maybe something has changed.


Hurlyburly said...
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Hurlyburly said...

In that case this must be my que to prompt you to watch the film HurlyBurly! You'll love it, despite having seen it last time around. ;0)

I've had fairly similar experieces growing up, especialy that things will just naturaly work out and take their course, which they do. Certain people coming into your life is not by chance, it's even just too genericaly tacky to call it fate or destiny, it just is, what it is.

Anonymous said...

I am going to get that film, who is it by? i new there would be a deleted comment , as i was writing my new posting , i had a giggle to myself and thought why am i seeing a deleted comment i hope its not bad . maybe is was not deleted in my last life lol.
I have downloaded the book the celestine prophecy today on to my ipod , as its been a book that people talk about all the time when around me.I would rather listen to books then read them,so i will do the film tomorrow, and your right, things are what they are for the reason they are. lol

Anthony Peake said...


As you will see most, if not all, the full members of the blog have had personal experiences that validate one or more of the elements of CTF. However you are the first to have a 'memory of the fact that you have lived 'this life' many times before. Lived it as yourself and not as some form of reincarnation from some past time period. This is a crucial vindication of the central thesis presented in ITLAD - that at the point of death we enter another Everett universe in which we follow a Groundhog Day like existence - A 'Groundhog Life' I suppose.

One of the great frustrations of my theory is that I can never present concrete empirical and physical evidence that CTF may be true. All I can ever do is say to sceptics that many people have subjective experience of all of the elements. Unfortunately the problem with subjective personal experience is that you cannot simply repeat it in a laboratory (although researchers like Michael Persinger have shown that at least some of the subjective experiences - such as awareness of one's own Daemon - can be reproduced. He called this the 'sensed presence').

I am very excited about your involvement on this blog because you clearly have experienced many CTF elements - some of which have not been reported by others.

Thank you very much for your on-going contribution.


Anthony Peake said...

I am sure that you will find some interesting parallels to your experiences in the Celestine Prophesy. In the book Redfield is basically saying "keep watching the coincidences because they mean something". Unfortunately he does not attempt to explain the significance of them nor the mechanism by which they may come about. Having read ITLAD before you will find that a lot of the areas of Celestine that critics have found irritating disappear because ITLAD gives you a framework to put all the strange elements he presents into a viable and logical structure.

Hurlyburly said...

Deleted comment was from me, my spelling is atro - sious!!! See.

The film Hurlyburly was written by Anthony Drazen and was a play starring Sean Penn before it was made into my favourite film starring Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn, Kevin Spacey, Chazz Palminteri, Anna Paquin, Gary Shandling and Meg Ryan. I get the feeling you will love it.

Welcome to the blog, i get the feeling your contribution will be very interesting. But don't talk about film too much, people hate that! ;0)

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe I am the only one, most people would not stand up and say what I have stated, as it would be said they are mad, I am able to say all this as I am anonymous on this site, when I first started to be recognised for my gifts , my first job was LBC radio. I had the best slot time and loads of callers the lines would jam up, and emails would flood in. the other psychics would be so jealous of me, it became a dog eat dog show. My honesty was my downfall, one day a lady rang the show she asked me did I believe in the after life, I said yes indeed I do, I believe we choose our life as well, I work with my higher self not a spirit guide or a red Indian, and I no iv lived a hundred times or more as I am today. Well that was it I was kicked off the show, because they said it done me no career favours. I had written this book called soul mates from hell that also got binned because of what I had said. The people that run radio and magazines don’t like an honest psychic; you have to lie as that’s where the money is.
Well I was not going to lie so I told them to stick it. I talked to my higher self about this through a Ouija Board, iv done this for many years. I was told walk away from it, I must admit it was hard to do as the money was so good. And when I talked to my higher self and said hay this is how I get rich, my higher self said a big NO you will make more by walking away, forget your book write poems instead, so I did, and through that became so obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe, flew to Baltimore to see the Poe house, met this guy who gave me a job that gave me more money then I could ever have earned in the uk. This bring me to the book the Celestine prophesy, you are so right about this Anthony, iv been following signs all my life, I got fed up with the book after the first hour and stopped listening to it, it felt like I had read it a million times over, in fact I could of told you what was in it before I read it lol. As I started to read it I new I had read it before. I am starting on the bible code tonight, a book I got for Christmas. I was tested, scientifically tested for my gifts for a magazine , but still was not aloud to say what my gifts were about and where they really came from. I had to lie again. Gosh I have rambled on hear to much , sorry.

Anthony Peake said...


Rambling is good. I sometimes feel that my book is nothing but an extended ramble through all the ideas and theories that were buzzing round in my head. All human beings think deeply but only some of us have the opportunity (or the time) to write these ideas down. It is a form of catharsis and a great one at that.

I am interested to note that you used to be on LBC. I have done two very succesful phone ins on that station. One with Marcus Churchill and one with Adrian Allan. I note that neither are still with the station. I hope that there demise(s) was not brought about by them having me on their respective shows!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Virtually all my writing is an exercise in rambling. It's the expression of my Bipolar Depression.
Worrying that Tony seems to be causing the demise of his interviewers.
*note to self to be wary next time we're in pub somewhere debating all manner of weirdness*

Anonymous said...

how funny , lbc was 7 years ago, iv done loads since then, on other stations, but the BBC LBC use to be funny about life after death. but you proberly got away with it because your not a psychic, or are you? lol.