Saturday 12 January 2008


I was sitting reading in preparation for the Glastonbury Radio interview and I decided to put on a CD. While in London a few days back I acquired a heavily discounted copy of Jamiroquai's 'High Times' album. Now this is an unusual purchase for me. I am very much an indie rock and alt country fan (Fountains of Wayne, Built To Spill, Wilco, Son Volt etc) - blue-eyed soul is not really my taste. But I just had an urge to buy this (maybe because it was only a fiver). It had played through to track 6 when the phone call came through from Ross. The track playing on the CD player was 'Virtual Insanity'. I had my computer on so I turned off the CD. As I did so the computer speaker continued playing 'Virtual Insanity'. I went back into the living room thinking that the CD had switched itself back on. No, it was playing through the computer speakers. Ross had chosen the identical record to play as an intro to my interview!

Synchronicity rules OK!!!


Karl Le Marcs said...

Weirdly synchrondipitous indeed, and alarming that Tony would be drawn to Jamiroquai of all people!
I did smile to myself at the irony and indeed cruel serendipity of Ross playing Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now", when Tony was in mid-flow!

Karl Le Marcs said...

EVEN MORE SO, when I've just turned off the Glastonbury radio station and switched back to TV where Sky was tuned to a rock music video station and guess what was playing...................
Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now"
Good Lord !!!!!!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

David Icke on Russell Brand Radio 2 show spouting many Peakeian-like theories relating to consciousness, holographic reproduction and Many World Interpretation (but not the George Bush Snr stuff *ahem*).
Available via listen again at 2
Listen Again, Russell Brand - Saturday 12th January.(about 50 minutes from start of the show)

Anthony Peake said...

Thanks for this Karl. I have just sent an email to Russell. I am sure that it will come to nothing but you never know ....

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony, good luck with Russell, if you get on the show I will gladly travel with you as your PA. I've always wanted to meet him, I have been in a couple of Camden pubs when he has but conversation has never occurred.
He is a very spiritual guy and a Hare Krishna (of sorts).
His show is a tad, er, energetic so I'm not sure how your theories would come across, indeed David Icke was only on for about 5 or 10 minutes cumulatively but it would be excellent for your publicity if you could get on.
I will send an email to Russell also (asking if he has heard of your book), see if we can get him with some metaphorical pincer movement.