Monday 14 January 2008

Synchronicity - a personal experience

Finally!!! I have managed to access this Blog from China.

1995 , living and working in San Francisco. I had been intensely delving into Energywork as a possible means to accelerate spiritual growth ( I met the people in that very small group purely by chance, but that is another synchronistic experience to relate perhaps at another time).
Anyway,I had an urge to go to Austin Texas, so I went to Borders Bookstore where I knew they sold newspapers from different States. Looking through the job Ads in an Austin Texas newspaper, I was astonished to find a job that EXACTLY matched my credentials and job experience - and I mean EXACTLY!
So I sent my Resume with a cover letter. They immediately replied and said that they were shocked and SO surprised that I seem to be EXACTLY who they were looking for. I had 3 telephone interviews and then a final interview in Austin. I accepted the job and moved there.
I needed a car and not being mechanically-minded I scanned the local newspaper for second-hand cars looking for something that might "jump out" at me- I had asked my higher-self to help out and give me a hint, a sign, to help me choose the right car. I called the number given in an Ad that caught my eye.
An answering machine told me to leave a message and the owner's name was PRASAD !! Prasad is Sanscrit and loosely means "a gift from God". Well that was all the hint I needed! So , I met with Prasad and was SO surprised to find that she she had EXACTLY the same interests in higher-self/Philosophy/Meditation/Energywork/Vedanta. We became immediate friends and I was introduced to a small group of people with the same interests. A whole new set of friends welcomed me with open arms! Prasad went on to tell me that she had refused several people who wanted to buy her car as she had always played her Guru's music in it and felt it was "special" and should only be owned by someone on the same path as her! It was with these new friends that I had my first hmmmm, "visual experience" related to Christianity - in which I was not in the least attracted !! and still aren't haha- during an energywork session. It happened on Palm Sunday, and I was to have 2 more experiences, the second again on Palm Sunday the next year, and the third on the following Christmas Day.

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Anthony Peake said...

At long last you managed to get a posting on this Blog. Congratulations and welcome.

I am hopeful that some of the experiences that you have described to me in personal communications will also make it onto this Blog. I am sure that the other members will be really interested to read about your Daemonic encounters.